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I am so excited about this! My new Spooky Studio app is now available on the Apple, Android and Amazon app stores. Here are just a few features of what it can do! It has a sleep timer, car mode, playlist maker, access to both FREE and PLUS podcasts (PLUS episodes exclusively for PLUS MEMBERS) […]

Help keep the Campfire burning brightly by buying these cool T’s and hoodies. Each is complete with the awesome “Around The Campfire” artwork. CLICK HERE to choose from the 20+ styles (with the handy drop down menu) for men AND women. Get one and stay spooky! Kids shirts and onesies are HERE. BRAND NEW: Tote […]

This morning, I woke to the sad news that broadcasting legend Art Bell has passed at the age of 72. As I groggily processed the news, I checked various sources to make sure this wasn’t the latest internet death hoax but, alas, it is true. The greatest voice in the paranormal genre of radio (and […]

So, I normally don’t editorialize or make my thoughts known in writing, however, I have something that I need to let you all know. After the death of Epstine, many people out there were talking about the possibility of something to take our focus away from that, and the MANY “rich and powerful” people that […]

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