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QANON followers are reportedly convinced Donald Trump will become president again on March 4 — to carry on his war against the “deep state”.  Believers were left devastated after Joe Biden was sworn in as president, destroying their faith that Trump would remain in office to fight an elite faction of cannibalistic satanist pedophiles. * […]

QANON is surging across Europe as the US conspiracy theory finds new ground to flourish in nations such as Britain, Germany and France, experts have warned. The dangerous belief is being adapted by far right groups who are mixing it with other warped theories – such as about BBC paedophile Jimmy Savile in the UK […]

ONE. Hundred. Thousand. We can’t quite get our heads around this number but we really must try. Joseph Stalin, everyone’s least favourite Soviet dictator and mass murderer, supposedly once said that one death was a tragedy but millions were just a statistic. PA:Press Association Elizabeth Van Tam, 79, the mother of Jonathan Van-Tam, deputy chief […]

IN a newly unearthed social media post, Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene peddled a conspiracy theory that wild fires in California were caused by a Jewish-controlled space laser. The latest post, one of several where Greene blatantly backs bizarre conspiracy theories, says that 2018 wildfires were connected to the Rothschild family and former California Gov Jerry […]

DON Lemon went off on “QAnon Rep” Marjorie Taylor Greene over her “racist” and “shameful” social media posts during a segment on CNN on Friday. Greene has been getting heat lately as newly unearthed social media posts from her past seem to support racist and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and even political violence. CNN Don Lemon […]

A FORMER QAnon supporter apologized to CNN’s Anderson Cooper for thinking he ate babies in a shocking clip aired on Saturday night. Jitarth Jedeja revealed on CNN special ‘Inside the QAnon Conspiracy’ that he once believed an outlandish theory that Cooper was among the celebs and Dems who would drink the blood of children. The […]

QANON conspiracy theorists believe the Myanmar military coup is all “part of the plan” and “should be a lesson” for Joe Biden when the military mobilize. Believers took to social media to link the military takeover to the situation in the US in the aftermath of the Capitol riots on January 6 just days before […]

QANON Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene has claimed “the base is keeping a list” of Republicans who voted against her and Donald Trump. A defiant Greene also told reporters today: “I’m fine with being kicked off committees because it’d be a waste of my time.” Greene held a press conference outside the Capitol Building Greene later […]

THE face of ‘QAnon Shaman’ has been revealed while posing for his mugshot – without his spear, horns and facepaint. Jacob Chansley, 33, has been moved to a jail that will make him special organic food after he refused to eat for “nine days”, his lawyers said. Alexandria Sheriff's Office A mugshot shows the face […]

JONBENET Ramsey was murdered on Christmas Day in 1996 aged just six years old. The unsolved case has seen many suspects in the firing line as its shrouded in conspiracies – with some even suggesting her older brother Burke, now 34, could have been behind the grisly murder. Here we give you our rundown of all […]

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