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We launched the site!

We finally launched the website!

While it’s still a work in progress, we have already made great strides in taking control over all our creative processes and membership charges. Thankfully, getting this launched and underway will help us get back into the creative process of producing content that you, our readers, will enjoy!

There are several things in the works:

  • Star Rippers: New Beginnings – Will go back into development as a comic book and we will release several episodes soon.
  • A new MAGAZINE, “Taboo!” will be coming out soon. This will be a Penthouse/Hustler/Oui type magazine with several short erotic stories and situations visualized in both image and story.
  • We will be adding a new Comic, “…into the Obsidian mirror…” It’s written already and we have begun the artwork phase. This comic will be several “episodes” to a volume. The format is very much in the feel of classics like “The Twilight Zone,” “Tales from the Crypt,” and “The Outer Limits.” Each volume a different, albeit adult, retelling of mythology and mystery.

Keep posted as we’ll be updating this regularly!

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