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Updates (again)

Okay so there have been several updates to the side and I thought I would highlight them for you. There have been several updates to the back end processes and decisions have been made on a number of things. Below is a nice little summary!

  1. Progress pages: I’ve made progress pages for each “project” or Comic/VN that we are currently working on. They will have the most up-to-date information on the progress of various projects. Check them from the main page or here.
  2. Characters – The majority of the current characters now have Bios available to view HERE. You can, of course, also click the link from the first page as well. (Top menu “Character Bios”.) These will not only “evolve” as issues/updates release. It’s a little sneak peak of what you can find in the comics/VN.
  3. The membership tiers are going to be changing. We’re getting rid of a few and consolidating things. Also decided that at certain tiers, you will get 100% off all VN’s and comics as they release. Past “issues” will be something you get a discount on, and all that will be outlined in the membership tier. I’m holding off on all of that till the site sale ends on the 29th. (It’s my B-day and I thought I’d give discounts on everything till then.) After the sale if you are on a “discountinued” membership tier, you keep that rate, till you unsubscribe.
  4. The release structure has been decided, and that information will be forthcoming after the 29th. Look for the notice soon.
  5. Changes to the “Custom Render” areas. I’m working on various “sets” to make renders in. This will be easier than picking the “primary” character in the scene you select. There will still be a consult with you on how you want people posed and what they are doing. ALL the custom renders will be done in 4 or 8k.
  6. Changes to the stite coming soon: With the changes to the memberships, I am suggesting that everyon sign up for at LEAST the free tier. Why? Because soon all posts, updates, and pages on the site, minus the main page, will be restricted to members only.
  7. Comic Progress: We are moving forward with all titles presently and will be updating more soon for these. Including “…into the Obsidian Mirror…”

I think that’s all I have for now. We’ll be updating more later!

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