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A FILM showing a Wuhan based virus expert catching bats has fuelled a conspiracy theory that the disease was man-made and leaked from a lab. The seven-minute film features the centre’s researcher Tian Junhua, who has visited dozens of caves in Hubei province to capture the flying mammals and take samples. Read our coronavirus live […]

AS coronavirus has spread across the globe, social media has seen a barrage of information as to where the virus came from. With over two million of the world’s population infected with the bug, we break down some of the wildest conspiracy theories surrounding the disease – from being created in Chinese labs to 5G […]

CONSPIRACY theorist Alex Jones has compared coronavirus stay at home orders to Nazi Germany. The controversial host, known as the founder of the InfoWars website, made the claims today as he addressed a “You Can’t Close America” demonstration in Austin, Texas. Infowars yells into his microphone to his anti-lockdown supportersAFP About 200 protestors defied social […]

CORONAVIRUS epicentre Wuhan has been struck by massive floods that have reportedly left at least 121 dead or missing.  The city of 11 million people in the central Hubei province has been deluged by waters from the Yangtze River which continues to swell after weeks of torrential rain.  Read our coronavirus live blog for the […]

CHINA’S communist regime is claiming the rest of the world are “shirking responsibility” for the coronavirus pandemic amid fresh accusations of a mass cover-up.  Chinese officials made the comments after it was accused of blocking international attempts to find the truth about the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan. Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest […]

A SHOCKING sixty per cent of all posts and messages on Twitter that spread misinformation on coronavirus, or calling for an end to the lockdown are automated fake accounts. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University’s Center for Informed Democracy and Social Cybersecurity analyzed 200 million coronavirus-related tweets since January. Anti-lockdown protests are being fuelled by misinformation […]

ICE Cube had a meltdown on Twitter and fired off a number of conspiracies about Bill Gates, vaccines and the coronavirus pandemic. The 50-year old rapper shared a meme calling the Microsoft founder a “Bunker b**ch” which included baseless claims about his involvement with pedo Jeffrey Epstein. AFP or licensors Ice Cube went on a […]

A CHRISTIAN evangelist has predicted the world will come to an end before Christmas this year. Pastor Paul Begley believes doomsday will strike on December 21, 2020, which also happens to be his birthday. Getty Images – Getty The Mayan calendar was used to make this latest doomsday prophecy[/caption] But despite hundreds of prophecies over […]

CONSPIRACY theories claiming that billionaire investor George Soros pays protesters, stashes bricks and owns Antifa have surged amid the nation-wide unrest following the death of George Floyd. The theories argue he hires protesters, rents buses to transport them and has people stash piles of bricks to be hurled into glass storefronts or at police. Financier […]

Major Jim Harold Media Announcements for 2020! All paranormal shows WILL continue as they are! I repeat all paranormal shows WILL continue AS THEY ARE. Soulmate Stories will go to an every other week basis (that we will honor this time out) but the show name will be changed and will be revamped to focus […]

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