Here’s one new video report of a two crop circles that were found in Europe. Both were found on 31st May 2020. Lauragais, France Dorset, […]

This UFO video was filmed back in October 2019 but it was just today uploaded to MUFON’s website. This strange event happened over Carrales, a […]

Hey folks…it looks like I will be moving the Phantoms & Monsters blog to another platform this week. Under the circumstances, there will be no new posts or newsletter until I get this resolved. Google, which owns Blogger, has decided to change the interface. This is causing massive problems, so I have decided to bite […]

These two crop circle were found in Wiltshire, United Kingdom on 28th and 30 May 2020. Check the video below for more images!

These three videos of unidentified flying objects were filmed in during SpaceX launch on 30th May 2020 when a rocket ship built by Elon Musk’s […]

These two orbs were seen and recorded flying across the sky above Frankfort in New York. Witness said there was strange sound coming from the […]

This triangle-shaped craft was filmed in the night sky above Lemoore, California back in June 2019. What do you think about this footage? Witness report: […]

This triangular-shaped craft was recorded in the daytime sky above Toronto in Canada. This happened on 26th May 2020. Witness report: Dark color object of […]

This heart-shaped crop circle was found in Southern England on 26th May 2020. The exact location is unknown at the moment. Watch the video below […]

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