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6 Important Guidelines in Life -When you are Alone, mind your Thoughts. -When you are with Friends, mind your Tongue. -When you are Angry, mind your Temper. -When you are with a Group, mind your Behavior. -When you are in Trouble, mind your Emotion. -When God starts blessing you, mind your EGO. https://youtu.be/7qq11ugl5nM submitted […]

The EV3-F4 is the third iteration of what is perhaps the most badass vehicle ever made: The Ripsaw.  Built by extreme vehicle fabricator Howe and Howe Technologies, the Ripsaw is a highly maneuverable “luxury” tank that can seat up to 4 adults.  It’s a perfect example of what the Batmobile will likely eventually morph into.  Every version since the […]

This interesting footage of triangular-shaped UFO (pyramid) was filmed in the sky above Ohio yesterday (18th April 2021). What do you think this is?

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Top Gear America took utility to the extreme in a $250,000 “SUV.” According to the manufacturer, it’s not actually a sport utility vehicle—it’s an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Whatever you call it, SHERP the Ark 3400 is impressive. Earlier this year on Top Gear America, Jethro Bovingdon got to—throw?—one of these 10-wheeled beasts around when the guys […]

This strange object was flying over Port Charlotte, Florida at low altitude on 12th April 2021. Witness report: Hard to explain have video, keep in […]

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