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This was filmed over Myrtle Beach in South Carolina on 20th January 2021 at 7:30pm. Witness report: After seeing all of the replies of flairs […]

This bright unidentified flying object was flying over Colton, California on 19th January 2021. Witness report: Witnessed a bright light moving at variable speeds, direction, […]

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These bright lights were hovering in the sky over Phoenix, Arizona recently. Witness report: It was super weird the lights moved independently from each other […]

Virgo Virgo and Capricorn are both Earth signs, so the understanding of each other is fairly easy. Both Capricorns and Virgos strive very hard to be successful in their own ways and aren’t put off by each other’s tendency to bury themselves in a goal or project. They both also tend to lean towards dry/sarcastic […]

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An ex-Israeli space security head has made a buzz recently by saying that earthlings have been in contact with ETs from a galactic federation. Haim […]

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