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Her mastery of the darker aspects of sexual pleasure makes her an irresistible and dangerous presence in the realm of seduction.

NameAmidaliaNicknameAmiGenderFemaleRaceDemonAgeUnknownHeight67" (170.18 cm)Sexual OrientationBi-SexualLifestyleOpenOccupationTormentorAppears In...into the Obsidian Mirror...Share

Introducing Amidalia, the seductive demoness who is the lifelong partner of Nix. With her alluring charm and irresistible allure, Amidalia is a master of temptation. Just like Nix, she possesses the ability to change forms, allowing her to engage in nocturnal activities that revolve around a thrilling sexual game of “who gets off faster.” This game of seduction between Amidalia and Nix is a testament to their intense connection and insatiable desires.

However, Amidalia’s seductive powers extend far beyond the realm of pleasure. She possesses dark and sinister abilities that she uses to manipulate and torment her chosen victims. By infiltrating their dreams, Amidalia slowly drives her intended targets to the brink of insanity. Her dark powers allow her to twist their desires and manipulate their minds, leaving them trapped in a web of chaos and despair. Amidalia revels in the power she holds over others, finding pleasure in the suffering she inflicts upon humanity.

Unlike Nix, Amidalia has no interest in granting the desires of others. She thrives on chaos and disharmony, finding satisfaction in sewing discord among humanity. With her wicked nature and complete disregard for the well-being of others, Amidalia embodies the true essence of a demon. In the realm of pleasure, she is a force to be reckoned with, embracing the darker aspects of sex. Believing that pain is just another form of pleasure, Amidalia explores the depths of pleasure and pain, pushing boundaries and indulging in the forbidden. Her mastery of these darker aspects makes her an irresistible and dangerous presence in the realm of seduction.

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