Who in their right mind would want to eat bugs?

Written by on June 26, 2020

We are living in a sick world and it might be a good time to
go vegan and definitely read labels. It’s a given that big pHarma and the
medical deities (MDs) want us to stay sick so they can continue to make a
fortune out of our illnesses. But, it gets even worse.

What if you learned that insects are being put into the
foods that you eat?

There’s an alleged restaurant in Denver that adds black
ants, crickets, grasshoppers and diced crickets to some of their dishes. And
this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The edible insect industry produces protein bars, pastas and
chips made from insects, and mostly crickets.

Let’s ask a question. What are the health benefits? There
are people out there that say raising insects produces fewer greenhouse gases
and uses less water and space than beef, chicken and pork and that bugs are
also good sources of protein, fiber and fatty acids.

Based on this crappola, insects somehow found themselves on
food trend lists and part of a broader movement toward healthy (are you s**ting
me?) foods.

There’s a company out there called Innova Market Insights. They
engage in studying food trends and placed insect protein among the various
alternatives to meat.

So now, insect protein is making a run at meat, lentils and pea and rice protein (how come they never found that the vegetable source of protein is the same but cleaner than flesh protein, which is documented in my book, “A Sane Diet for an Insane World”?)

But the question is, will anyone with a functioning brain actually
eat them?

Ok, so the millennial-driven start-ups, family farms and
investors have jumped on the idea to make foods that many idiots will say has a
world-saving potential.

You better sit down for this one – The North American
Coalition for Insect Agriculture cites Research and Markets, a company that
provides industry forecasts, which estimates the industry will reach $1.2
billion in market worth by 2023.

The insect hype can be traced to just a few years ago. After
all, why kill them when profits can be made convincing brain dead people to eat

For insects, you could point to a report published in 2013.
The UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s “Edible Insects” report is often
cited within the industry of evidence of insects’ potential for the planet and
human health.

With the world’s population growing, increased food demand
is expected to require more production, which could lead to increases in
greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation and environmental degradation.

Livestock accounts for 70 percent of all agricultural land
use as global demand for livestock products are expected to double up to 2050.

Raising insects, however, requires less water, food and
space while emitting fewer greenhouse gases.

Mealworms, crickets and locusts produce just a tiny fraction
of greenhouse gases compared to producing beef and pork. To create the same
amount of protein, mealworms, for instance, require a tenth of the land of beef
and about half the space to produce pork and chicken. Insects are also good
sourced of protein, fat, fiber and fatty acids, a report said. I wonder how
much that guy was paid to say that?

But, icky food is food that makes you obese, diabetic, have
heart disease and all kinds of major health impacts. But, allegedly crickets
are cleaner than chickens and cows, carrying fewer diseases and infections.

At Enromo, crickets are raised from eggs and are grown to
maturity in six weeks in large bins. The crickets are killed, either using gas
or ice, just days before the end of their lifespan. Then the crickets are
rinsed in boiling water, baked and ground into a powder, and others are
seasoned as snacks *(Yummy! Can’t wait).

Roughly 60 percent of the business is cricket powder, a
gray, dry substance that can be added to breads, soups and other baked goods.
It’s the basis of many cricket products on the market, including Chapul’s
cricket bars and a line of chips under the brand Chirps.

They say that cricket powder is the best way to introduce
this because you can’t taste it. Yet, the health benefits you are getting for
putting that cricket powder in there is remarkable. Two tablespoons have seven
grams of protein”.

And there it is. I’m sure in the future, human doo doo will
be used as a source of protein, but only in dark chocolate bars because of the
color similarity.

Question: Why is the fact that the human form is
specifically and anatomically designed to eat plant-based foods never revealed?
Plant-based foods are alkaline as is the human saliva. When the two come
together the plants break down easily, are ingested and digested easily and
leave the body in no more then three days. Flesh foods, liquid fat (dairy) and
the chicken’s menstrual cycle (eggs) are acidic. When acidity mixes with
alkalinity it’s like banging your head against the wall and all that garbage
sits in the body for seven days. Oh Yeah, one egg a day creates so much protein
that the body needs to neutralize it with calcium. Take a guess when the
calcium comes from: “dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones”! And people wonder
why they have arthritis and osteoporosis! 

Look, we all know that the large food companies, the
bio-tech industry and Big Pharma want everyone to stay sick so they can
continue to make a fortune off of our illnesses. But, what would happen if
everyone adhered to what God said in Genesis, “Thou shall not kill”?

Yes, to eat, we have to kill, be it plants, fruits, grains, or creatures. But, in the Vedic scriptures, that were there way before the Old Testament, God says that if we offer Him plant-based foods with love and devotion, because we need food to live, He will take away the karmic reactions involved in the killing of the plant-based foods. That would mean that if that were our diets, the land and resources would be used to only grow plant-based foods and would never face depletion and extinction and that everyone would have connection to Him.

But, unfortunately, we live in a godless world and that’s
our major problem. Change can only happen one at a time. Can you be a part of

Why can’t our world be one of love, peace, friendship and a
connection to God, instead of chaos, quarrel, confusion and hypocrisy? Despite
having to be IN the world, we have the option to not be OF the world!







The Old Testament

Bhagavad Gita As-It-Is

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