Where has COVID made you more creative in business?

Written by on July 10, 2020

Few world events have had an impact on businesses the way COVID-19 has.

Many small companies that were barely surviving have had to close. Other businesses have adapted quickly and some are thriving. Those are the businesses that started preparing for the future long ago.

“A lot of people have not looked at the future, they’ve not been willing to,” Co-Creator of Access Consciousness Dr. Dain Heer said recently.

“They basically hoped things would keep going along similarly enough to the way they had so they could keep surviving, rather than planning for a future of thriving and choosing as that and from that.”

What is the gift of COVID? Was the topic of this month’s Creative Edge of Consciousness telecall.

The gift is obvious in the natural world, where amazing changes are being wrought by COVID-related state and country closures.

Not since the Sixties has the sky over Los Angeles been so clear and blue and beautiful. In Venice, the fish are thriving in the canals, and in some parts of India, people can see the Himalayas for the first time in 35 years.

“What it has shown us is we don’t have to die out for the earth to heal itself. We just have to get out of the way,” Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness explained.

“We have to change—not limit—what we choose.”

We all asked for a change on the planet and we got this pandemic. Have you been seeing the wrongness of COVID rather than the gift it is for the creation of difference?

“You’ve got to look at what’s the gift of this? Not the wrongness of it,” Gary added.

Where has it made you more creative? Where could you be more creative? And what else is possible that you haven’t considered?

You’ve got to have that place where you’re willing to consider anything and do whatever is possible.

So, what future should you be creating that you’re not creating at this point?

As Dain said, “Whatever comes after this, the thing that is going to future-proof you is to start looking at the future, what you would truly like to create but also with more consciousness, more awareness and fewer fixed points of view.”

Even if your business is suffering right now, begin looking for what you can change so you are ready for the next challenge. Your willingness to know the future will determine how successful you are.

Are you willing to know the future? Or do you want to predict the future and keep it in line with what you’ve already decided it should be?

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