What are these mysterious lights in the sky seen from Daanbantayan, Cebu?

Written by on May 19, 2020

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Netizens are curious about unusual lights in the sky captured and shared by a photo enthusiast from Daanbantayan town, northern Cebu on Saturday evening, May 16, 2020.

Photo enthusiast Jack Ponpon captured the strange but beautiful display of lights from Libertad, Bagay, Daanbantayan and shared it on his social media account, creating a bit of a buzz online.

Here are some of the photos of the unusual sightings.

(I first noticed these lights last week while I was sitting along the roadside and I noticed that there were five lights blinking in the skies, colors red, blue, green, white, red and green, so I suspected they were just stars.)

Ponpon even said that his neighbors were also fascinated by the lights in the skies and that they thought it was just Ponpon playing with his drones.

Out of his fascination and curiosity about these lights shining from the sky he took out his camera and took some shots, which he then posted on Sunday evening, May 17.

“It’s week 1 and some of our neighbors still think I was flying my drone for consecutive nights. 🌌


 Have you seen some of these strange lights in your neighborhood as well? 


,” captioned Ponpon.

Whatever these fascinating lights were, they sure did catch the attention of netizens and the residents in the northern town. It also played with their imaginations, too.

Netizen Miko Butaslac commented on Ponpon’s post:  “Maski ngari sa Cebu City, Jack makakita ko ana permi bya gabie ako work. Unsa kaha na sa?”

(Even here in Cebu City, I see [these lights] always since my work is at night time. What could those be?)

André Erasmo also commented, “3 days nako nag bantay ana kuya Jack, hangtud ron, wa japon ko kaybaw ug unsa na 😂



(I’ve noticed that for three days, until now, I still don’t know what those are.)

Source inquirer.net

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