Top 5 Reasons why I have decided to STOP being a Pick Up Artist!

Written by on January 6, 2021

Top 5 Reasons why I have decided to STOP being a Pick Up Artist!

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Top 5 Reasons

Intro: Guys, I plan on evolving from Pick Up Artist into Life Optimization Mentor. Many of you misunderstand what being a Pick Up Artist is. Hence you assume that PUA's are 'living the high life.' When the reality couldn't be further from the truth. Most high value guys who are living the high life are not out there publicizing their lifestyle. In fact, most high value guys live a low key lifestyle since publicizing it would hurt their image.

1–Most PUA's are businessmen

Hence most PUA's don't care about seduction neither about teaching students. PUA's only care about making a profit. I remember a couple of PUA's confessed to me that they didn't really care if their students got laid or not. The objective was to get their students to sign up for a bootcamp. Once the student was done the PUA would relax and don't even bother. In fact, I remember run into a popular 'Guru' at Santa Monica Pier. He was eat and drink his burger and beer, while his students were creeping girls out with by mass approaching.

2-Most PUA culture and industry is toxic

It's a Clown Show: Students bashing Students, Gurus bashing their students, Gurus bashing other Gurus, the media bashing PUA's. PUA's taking advantage of women, women taking advantage of students, PUA taking advantage of their students. I doubt any of you guys want to be associated with this type of culture and industry.

3- PUA's celebrate Gutter Punk Culture

PUA are not teaching you guys to make money. They don't care if you are broke or not. Hence, many times PUA's will talk about living in a friend's basement and closing girls there. Or sleeping in a couch couch and closing girls there. After awhile, you start to realize that what they are telling you this fantastic stories for marketing purposes. They use you won't improve your SMV hence they have to make it seem that improving your finances doesn't matter when it does.

4The minority of PUA's who are good are Dark Triad

A lot of you guys reading this might assume that being, "Dark Triad' is cool. However, it's the complete opposite. For a man to be dark triad is actually a burden that he has to carry around, this approach to life makes his life harder not easier. Tom Torero and I had discussion on Dark Triad and he was telling me that he thought people like that have some of the roughest lives. We seen Dark Triad PUA's being banned from malls, banned from websites, can't hold a steady job, be in debt. All sorts of horror stories.

5-Following the PUA path won't make you a successful man

My ultimate goal for you guys who is his boss, no roommates, no neighbors, no boss, no supervisor. A man who doesn't even work since he lives off passive income. A man who owns property. I have an acquaintance of mine who throws his parties at his house. He invites as many women as he wants to party. In contrast, the PUA's I know have turned into scammers while they do PUA they are also doing all sort of petit scams to rip off poor and naive people.

Conclusion: I will continue helping you guys but now my main focus will be Life Optimization. Under that banner I will continue to tell you about optimizing your dating strategy. However, I don't think you should limit yourself to dating for the purpose of finding a long term girlfriend/wife. Instead, you should open your mind to other options, like FWB, the culture has tremendously changed.

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