Top 5 MASSIVE benefits of Cold Approach Pick Up! (No one tells you about!) (Part II)

Written by on July 17, 2020

Top 5 MASSIVE benefits of Cold Approach Pick Up! (No one tells you about!) (Part II)

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We are lead to assume that the only benefit from Cold Approach is to get laid. However, this statement couldn't be further from the truth. The actively doing Cold Approach helps you break out of the negative social conditioning that society has imposed on you.

1-You are better equipped for job applications

Most guys get crushed when they apply to a job, and employers rejected them. These guys take rejection very hard and will likely get an outburst or will not continue applying to jobs. However, PUA's are used to girls rejecting them. Therefore, they will not feel bummed if an employer denies them; hence, PUA's will continue applying regardless. PUA's persistent behavior will pay off since they will find a job.

2-You can talk to any girl even when you are not doing Cold Approach

I remember one Sunday I went with my family to Lure Fishbar in Soho. After our dinner, when we left, I saw a cute brunette hipster girl with a navy striped t-shirt. At first, I was hesitant to approach. However, after a while, I felt that I could contact her. Therefore, I introduced myself, "Hey, this is Julio!" and I could see the glow in her face, and we started talking. I got a solid number after a brief chat. I had the confidence because of my cold approach training.

3-You become more attune at understanding social situations

After a few months of doing Cold Approach Pick Up, I no longer felt clueless about social situations. When I was younger, I always felt confused in social cases with cool guys and hot girls. I ever wondered how did I need to act. However, once I started to actively practice cold approach, I no longer felt confused. Instead, I understood other people's motivations and why they behaved a certain way. This newfound skill helped me navigate city life when I lived in NYC and helped me make friends and avoid confrontations.

4-You become more assertive in your day to day life

I can't begin to count all the ways, Cold Approach has helped me become more aware of my rights and the rights of other people. For instance, I was at Mcnally Jackson Coffee and Bookstore, and the waiter brought me a coffee. I ordered a tea and not a coffee. Therefore, I told him to change my drink. I was surprised by how assertive I was, and the waiter complied. The waiter was a buff guy, and I had never met him before. However, I felt that I need to make it clear what I ordered. Before I had all the Cold Approach training, I would have never talked to a stranger, not even dared to tell them than they made a mistake. Yet, now with my practice, I could both understand my right and how to get others to respect me.

5-You have unique experiences that you would have never had before

For instance, I remember I was outside the Mansion downtown with my wingman. My wingman and I were hanging, enjoying ourselves, and then we run into two cute girls. We had a good vibe going on and didn't even try to do gamey/PUA stuff. Instead, we talked to them, and they were immediately receptive. One of the girls grabbed my hand, and then we all got into my wingman's car to hangout. There was no game and no tricks; instead, we have internalized most of the teachings. We all ended up going to some college party similar to the Smashing Pumpkins 1979 video. The whole experience was surreal. Yet, "it just happened."

Just Do It!

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