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Written by on January 16, 2021

Hello Gentlemen,

My name is Daniel and I have a Telegram Group that I've been promoting on the NoFap forum, I created it like 4 days ago and it has 15 members in there, most of us are Christian but you don't have to be Christian to join.

Everybody has agreed in the group to take a journal at the end of each day with the streak number and a summary of their day.

The group is not just a NoFap Accountability Group, but also a self improvement group where men can help other men succeed in their journey to becoming better and being better.

Message me for the link to the Telegram Group

We also don't like talking about politics since politics can be dividing and as a Christian I would like to unite us all, whether you believe in Jesus or not, god bless you and thank you, have a great day!

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