unknown being

Another strange and scary encounter by a camper in the Gila National Forest, New Mexico. This time, an unfamiliar set of iridescent eyes stares at the witness. The following account was forwarded to me in reference to my previous post referencing the Gila National Forest: “This incident occurred in 2007 in the wilderness of the […]

An individual recently attempted to manifest a supernatural being through their mind. Now they are not sure what this being was. I recently came across the following account: I’m a rationalist who doesn’t believe in good or evil, who doesn’t believe in superstition or the paranormal. I’m safe inside of my own ground level small […]

  A deer hunter, sitting in a tree stand near Dublin, Virginia, is startled by scratching sounds directly below him. For hours he attempts to catch a glimpse of this unknown being. I recently received the following account: “This story was told to me by my wife and it actually happened to one of her […]

A young boy notices a large dark figure peeking out onto the trail from behind the trees. He later discovers a newly killed cow that has had its throat ripped out in his family’s pasture. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “I grew up in the swamps of southeastern Oklahoma, below the Kiamichi […]

A delivery driver encounters, what he describes as, a 7 ft. foul-smelling antlered ‘deer man’ on a dark rural road in Northeast Arkansas I recently came across the following account: “This happened to me in January 2014, on a back road in Northeast Arkansas. At the time I was a newspaper delivery driver. I picked […]

3 different eyewitnesses detail they’re experiences with unknown pale humanoids. What are people encountering? “We live in northern Illinois, near Rockford. Our backyard is pretty long and connects to an alleyway, and all the way at the back we have two poles that used to be used for hanging clothes out to dry. They’re probably […]

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