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Chinese Military Said to Be Using AI to Track an Increase in “Unidentified Air Conditions.” With the looming release of a national intelligence report detailing U.S. military encounters with “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” or “UAP,” the People’s Republic of China has announced there has  been an increase of mysterious and unexplained aircraft in Chinese airspace, with […]

UFO EVANGELIST: PENTAGON REPORT IS JUST THE “TIP OF THE SPEAR” MAYBE IT’S A VIDEO of a jet tailing a mysterious craft performing improbable aerial feats. Maybe it’s an eerie pyramid seemingly hanging in the air above a naval facility. Maybe it’s relentless headlines about the imminent Pentagon UFO report. Whatever it is, unidentified flying objects are the focus of a public mania in a […]

On Friday, May 14, a former Navy pilot said that he and his crew had observed unidentified flying objects (UFOs) on a daily basis in the restricted airspace southeast of Virginia Beach ever since 2019.  Appearing on CBS’s 60 Minutes to talk about his experience with UFOs during his military career, former Navy Lt. Ryan […]

An explosive report featured on CBS News’s “60 Minutes” featured several former U.S. military officials who talked about what the U.S. government knows about unidentified aerial phenomena — UAP —more commonly referred to as UFOs. The segment comes ahead of a report that the military is supposed to deliver to Congress by next month. Former […]

Former U.S. Military officials spoke to CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Monday following a bombshell report published by CBS News’s “60 Minutes” on Sunday night about UFOs that the military is encountering. Both segments come ahead of a report that the Department of Defense is supposed to deliver to Congress next month. Former Director of National Intelligence John […]

THESE spooky black and white photos allegedly show the UFO at the centre of Britain’s biggest ever case for the first time. They were supposedly taken in Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk by a poacher who claims he saw the same UFO being hunted by a military team from a nearby US airbase. A new ‘witness’ […]

Back in 2001, on May 9th, a conference was held at the National Press Club in Washington DC, where delegates spoke about everything there is to talk about, beginning with UFOs and going all the way to the idea of alien life forms living among us. What is crucial to note in this situation is […]

A 2018 report published by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) shows the lengths America’s premier space agency is willing to consider when proving the existence of intelligent alien life.  Entitled NASA and The Search For Technosignatures, the 70-page document details all of the various ways space scientists considered intelligent extraterrestrial life might be located […]

For over a decade, the program, now tucked inside the Office of Naval Intelligence, has discussed mysterious events in classified briefings. Despite Pentagon statements that it disbanded a once-covert program to investigate unidentified flying objects, the effort remains underway — renamed and tucked inside the Office of Naval Intelligence, where officials continue to study mystifying encounters […]

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGERBEST SUITED TO TERMINATE ALIENS… According to UK Survey – Alien UFO Sightings <meta name="twitter:title" content="ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGERBEST SUITED TO TERMINATE ALIENS… According to UK Survey – Alien UFO Sightings”> %d bloggers like this: Original Post https://alien-ufo-sightings.com/2021/03/arnold-schwarzeneggerbest-suited-to-terminate-aliens-according-to-uk-survey/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=arnold-schwarzeneggerbest-suited-to-terminate-aliens-according-to-uk-survey

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