A couple in Unicoi County, Tennessee have been experiencing encounters with what they describe as ‘feral wild men.’ Are these actually humans, or possibly Bigfoot. Read and LMK what you think. I came across the following account and update. Not sure what to make of it, so I’ll leave it to you: “I received a […]

A Tennessee man was physically and mentally attacked by a shadow being at Frozen Head State Park. It drained him so badly that he feared that it was going to die before he could escape. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “I encountered a ‘shadow being’ in the Judge Branch Campsite in the […]

A man, camping with his girlfriend’s parent in Cherokee National Forest, has a strange encounter and realization when he encounters an old woman sitting by a tree. The following account was recently referred to me: “I have been holding this story in for awhile and have tirelessly searched the internet to find another person who […]

A Tennessee man was driving through Harrison Bay State Park when he encountered a large black unknown cryptid. He again saw the same creature that night. I recently received the following account: “I was traveling inside of Harrison Bay State Park, Tennessee one evening in 2010. As I reached the top of the hill I […]

A young man embarks on a right of passage at his father’s insistence. The ordeal described may be an embellished account, but an interesting cautious tale nonetheless. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “In the early days of February, just before my senior year, I was prompted by my father to undertake a […]

A couple decided to hike a trail on their way home from a vacation in Nashville, Tennessee. During their walk they encountered a scary grunting cryptid crouched behind a boulder. I came across this post recently: “My girlfriend and I were taking a weekend vacation to Nashville, Tennessee last November 2019. As we were driving […]

The witness describes encountering, and then chased, by an unknown entity or cryptid while hiking along Beaver Lake in Memphis, Tennessee. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “It was just before Halloween 2019. Now, let me start by saying I’m not an avid outdoorsman. I love hiking, and I’ve spent countless hours in […]

I grew up in the Appalachian Mountains. Completely rural, in a Tennessee valley community. My house was surrounded by forest and mountains. When I was about 14, my dad started to hear strange sounds coming from the hills behind our house. Knocking sounds, as if something was hitting a tree, and the occasional unhuman yell. […]

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