I work in a factory during the graveyard shift from 10 pm to 6:30 am. This night I was actually working my 6th day in a row for overtime. I have had this job for a while now and I am used to this kind of schedule. I am bringing this up because typically after […]

1990s (early) – Odessa, Texas – A bunch of Odessa oil workers were leaving work at around 9:00 PM. They had piled into a pickup truck and began driving down the road (other workers were following behind in another truck) when something came out of the forest and actually bit the tire of the truck. […]

I’ve been receiving a high number of possible Bigfoot and upright canine sightings throughout Mississippi recently. Today I received another. The witness VK was driving north along River Rd. South near McComb, Mississippi in Pike County. He had just passed Brent Rd. and was approaching the access road to a large poultry processing facility. As […]

I recently found the following account: A friend and I had gone for a drive out in the country/mountain area of our state (Oregon near Dorena, for reference). After a few hours of driving aimlessly we wound up parking at a dam. This particular dam was a gorgeous and secluded place during the day, we […]

2013 – Stamford, Texas – In 2013, at around 11:00 PM, a man was driving in his mid-size Toyota with his wife near Stamford, a very rural, forested area about 41 miles north of Abilene. As they drove, they claim they observed an object in the road. The wife initially thought it was tumbleweed. As […]

This happened back around 2015 or so when I was in college at Western Kentucky University. My roommate and I are both old country boys who were living in the city. We are both big outdoors men and would rather be in the woods then anywhere else. I grew up in Boy Scouts so I […]

I recently found the following account: About four years ago on a fall evening around 7 pm, my girlfriend and roommate and I were walking along some decommissioned WA train tracks surrounded by woods on both sides. We loved exploring little in-between areas so this wasn’t an uncommon event. We were about five miles into […]

I recently came across the following account: All I can say is my encounter happened, it was real and it’s one of my favorite stories. Alright, here we go! I was staying with a girlfriend of mine while I was in college. She lived just north of Solomons Island in southern MD. On a small […]

I recently came across the following account: Prior to 2016 I lived in Palmdale, California. My sister “Honey” and my youngest daughter lived with my mother in a rented townhouse apartment in Oxnard about two hours away. Every week or two I made the long drive to take them shopping and clean their house because […]

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