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Winged cryptid reports continue to filter in to me. Here are 4 brief accounts of unknown beings in Kansas, Florida, Wisconsin & Connecticut “I happened to stumble on your article while looking for an explanation of a creature that I saw in Kansas last summer. It still bothers me so, I still look for an […]

A Florida witness observes a large group of flying ‘dragons’ that is eventually gathered aboard a craft / UFO “I saw something…amazing flying beings. It happened about six years ago when I was staying with some friends in a small town, about 30 miles north of Orlando, Florida. It was in July and every night […]

3 unusual UFO sightings, including a large translucent manta ray shaped cryptid seen over New Braunfels, Texas – possibly a bio-craft “Hello, from New Braunfels,Texas. My fiancé and I were watching the stars last night and saw a translucent manta ray looking creature in the sky! It was literally swimming gracefully in the sky! We […]

4 separate cryptid bird / pterodactyl sighting reports from witnesses in Maryland, Texas and California Eddy in Virginia called in tell of a winged creature sighting he had back in 2007 in Baltimore: “Baltimore, Maryland, 13 years ago, full moon, 10:30 at night. Sitting out back on the steps of a townhouse watching the sky. […]

A group of friends, and eventually other witnesses, have described ghoulish humanoids in and around a cemetery in Effingham, Illinois The following account was recently forwarded to me: “In 2010 two friends and I were driving around out in the country around in Effingham, Illinois. We live about 30 minutes away from there. This was […]

2 young witnesses in eastern Tennessee and southwest Virginia describe their harrowing encounters with cryptid canines in Appalachia “When I was in the seventh grade in eastern Tennessee I was outside with my dog laying on a dirt mound looking at the clouds to pass the time. This was around 5:30 pm, when my dog […]

2 accounts describing strange winged humanoids. One was a ‘flying monkey’ in Oregon and the other a large gargoyle near a Texas prison On Wednesday April 15th I was the guest on Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis. During the show, the following accounts were offered by callers: Jerry in Oregon called in to tell […]

A 12 year old boy encounters a Bigfoot peeking in the window as it stood on the porch. This occurred in December 2012 in Point Marion, Pennsylvania The following credible account was recently posted on Facebook: “I just figured I would get on here and share my Sasquatch encounter that happened in a small town […]

Several eyewitness accounts of encounters with winged humanoids, gargoyles & pterodactyls throughout North America “I live in Fort Worth Texas, I seen what looked like a prehistoric Crane. Huge body, yellow beak. It scared my big dog and me! It looked right at me. Slow wing flap, flew low. I kept thinking WTF are you? […]

2 early accounts describing encounters with Bigfoot in the wilderness of northern California “I’ve seen and heard Bigfoot. I”m sure there was more then one too. They were howling one night. My grandpa was a hunter and fishing guide at one time. I was staying with my grandma and grandpa at a logging camp where […]

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