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A Missouri woman encounters a huge winged humanoid while driving near Joplin. Could this winged cryptid be associated with the Joplin ‘Butterfly People?’ I recently received the following account: “Hi Mr. Strickler, My name is BB and I am writing to you from the southwest part of Missouri in the Ozarks. I’m writing to report […]

A college-aged man encounters a 7 ft. grey, thin humanoid while driving near Two Inlets in Becker County, Minnesota. The following account was forwarded to me: “I’m not really into the paranormal, but I had an experience 13 years ago that I’ve never been able to explain. I want to ask for your opinion. It […]

3 Seminole boys in Oklahoma encounter a ‘Skitini’ monster while riding their bikes. They are able to see it on night vision later that night. I recently received the following account: “Back in circa 2006, I was 14. My uncle was visiting. He was 17 at the time. It was us plus my little brother, […]

An East Indian youth is shocked to discover that his father and grandfather had an encounter with a Bigfoot-like being in rural India. I recently found the following interesting account: “I’m from from Mumbai, India. I first heard about Bigfoot as a kid watching National Geographic. I always knew about Yeti’s residing in deep Himalayan […]

In 2 instances, a Pennsylvania hunter was scouting specific areas for bear and deer. He a observed massive Bigfoot standing in a field at one point. “Back around 1995, I had two things happen, one involved being whistled at as I was stalking along very cautiously down an old overgrown logging road (in Pennsylvania). I […]

A Montana resident starts hearing horrible screams emanating from the mountains around their home. They eventually observe a bizarre white humanoid with huge black eyes. I recently came across the following account: “I lived in Montana on some land my dad owns and I was hiking up a mountain, like most days. I heard this […]

2 distinct men in black (MIB) encounters in which both displayed very odd activity. These reports came from eastern Kentucky and Calgary, Alberta. “I saw a MIB twice in the space of only one-half-hour. It was the same MIB. This happened in Calgary, Alberta in and around 1978. This fellow was not quite Human. He […]

A Brazilian man has a scary encounter with an ‘human-like Lycan’ while jogging in a Eucalyptus plantation. Very bizarre account from São Paulo, Brazil. I recently came across the following account: “My father likes to frequent the sports club of the local university where he teaches to run and exercise. It is a large sports […]

An elder Ute man recalls his experiences in Skinwalker Valley, in the Uintah Basin where the infamous Skinwalker Ranch is located I received this narrative from a native Ute who lives on the Uintah / Ouray Reservation. It is a revised entry from a previous post: Hi – I am about to tell you a […]

A woman and her son have a frightening encounter with a roaring Bigfoot in the Patapsco State Park near Daniels, Maryland Please note: The following encounter took place in the Patapsco State Park in Maryland. This is in the same park where I had my encounter in 1981. Through the description of the location provided, […]

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