A man recalls he and his family’s personal encounters with Sasquatch. I’m not sure of the location, but I believe these incident occurred in the U.S. South. I recently received the following account: “I saw Sasquatch on two occasions and in two different colors. The first one was sitting with his or her back to […]

A group of friends are spending a weekend hunting in the mountains of northern Idaho. They soon observe foot prints and broken trees, eventually confronted and terrified by a 2 Sasquatch. The following account was recently posted on social media: “This is a story that was told to me by one of my firearms instructors […]

I was going over several supposed video captures of Bigfoot / Sasquatch over the years. This particular video, taken near Calgary, Alberta, Canada in January 2014 is one of the better I have found overall. I attempted to get these screen captures, but they really do not compare to the video. The movement and size […]

3 different accounts of cryptid and other unexplained phenomenon in British Columbia, Canada. These include a Sasquatch encounter, a white biped cryptid and phantom voices. The following accounts were recently provided to me: “My grandfather had witnessed for himself the tremendous size and strength of a Sasquatch for the first time in 1951. At the […]

Darcy Weir joins us to talk about his documentary Sasquatch Among Wildmen along with Shane Corson of The Olympic Project. Click the play button or the icon of your favorite podcast app to listen NOW! Both men share why they believe sasquatch is real and some amazing recordings of the creature caught in the wild! […]

A native American man is literally abducted by a Sasquatch while sitting with family on his porch. The man was later found, beaten so badly that he soon died afterwards. The Sasquatch was killed by the locals. The following account was referred to me by a reader: “This story is passed down through relatives that […]

Has Sasquatch been found in Uncompahgre National Forest, Colorado? The Google Map coordinates are 38°16’24.2″N 108°08’32.8″W – check it out and tell us what you think? PLEASE CONSIDER A DONATION Your financial support of Phantoms & Monsters and our other pursuits is much appreciated. Despite what many people believe, what I do is not a profitable venture. […]

A Delta County, Colorado resident has had several encounters with Sasquatch in the Smith Mountain area. He has included a few images of the prints he found. Here is an account from 2016 that I recently found: “My encounters occurred at Gunnison Gorge NCA and the other in Adobe Butts on the sides of the […]

“FOUR LITTLE FOOT CREATURES” SIGHTING REPORT by Sharon Cornet Lon Strickler’s initial report: Small Hairy Hominids Observed by Fossil Hunters in West Texas Flatlands INFORMANT: RG2nd WITNESS: RG2 (age 14)LOCATION: 4 miles south of Fort Stockton, TX in the Davis mountains while fossil huntingDATE OF THIS REPORT: 7/30/2020 (initial interview 7/14)INVESTIGATOR: Sharon Cornet, Affiliate with Phantom […]

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