A curious video was recently posted on TicTok by the user itz_louisvuitton supposedly showing a white humanoid figure responding to a spotlight from a vehicle. As usual, there are no details provided and the authenticity of the video cannot be verified. Nonetheless, it is an interesting video. The dramatics of the being, particularly that it seems […]

This is a recent event (November 2020) that occurred in a wooded area in Rosslyn, Virginia across from Theodore Roosevelt Island (DC) which is a National Park located on the Potomac River: “What did I see? It’s taken me a while to even decide to figure out what I saw. I’ve been denying it for […]

3 weird encounters with unknown humanoids and entities. One was described as a ‘Rake’, another as a human mimic and finally a thin running being. “June 14, 2020 – 2:00 am – I heard dog barking. Went outside to see what the dog was carrying on about. I followed the dog to the edge of […]

An English teen observed a creepy child-sized ‘Rake’ humanoid crawling through his garden in Berkshire. “As a teen I just refused to sleep at normal hours, especially on weekends. Why? Well that’s because the house I lived in and the land the house was on was haunted as sh*t. Staying up usually meant seeing some […]

A Missouri man describes a recent encounter he had with a pale humanoid that moved on all fours. This was not the only local incident with these beings. I recently came across the following account: “I live in southern Missouri and I had a unexplained experience with my brother last year. My brother got a […]

A youth and their friend came across a massive wolf-like creature in the woods that adjoined a southern English village. The following account popped up on my feed this morning: “I’m from the UK and I was wondering if you had any idea what this might have been. I was young at the time, about […]

A teen encounters a 9 foot tall Bigfoot while sleeping under the stars in the deep woods of western Montana during the summer of 1988. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “In the summer of 1988, I was 14 years old visiting my dad. After my parents had separated, my dad decided to […]

A Delaware restaurant worker encounters an odd-looking black-eyed woman who literally and instantly shapeshifts into an bizarre humanoid. I was recently referred to the following account: “About a year ago I was living on the east coast, Delaware to be more specific. Having grown up in rural Indiana, I was a bit out of my […]

3 different eyewitnesses detail they’re experiences with unknown pale humanoids. What are people encountering? “We live in northern Illinois, near Rockford. Our backyard is pretty long and connects to an alleyway, and all the way at the back we have two poles that used to be used for hanging clothes out to dry. They’re probably […]

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