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A 12 year old boy encounters a Bigfoot peeking in the window as it stood on the porch. This occurred in December 2012 in Point Marion, Pennsylvania The following credible account was recently posted on Facebook: “I just figured I would get on here and share my Sasquatch encounter that happened in a small town […]

Several eyewitness accounts of encounters with winged humanoids, gargoyles & pterodactyls throughout North America “I live in Fort Worth Texas, I seen what looked like a prehistoric Crane. Huge body, yellow beak. It scared my big dog and me! It looked right at me. Slow wing flap, flew low. I kept thinking WTF are you? […]

2 early accounts describing encounters with Bigfoot in the wilderness of northern California “I’ve seen and heard Bigfoot. I”m sure there was more then one too. They were howling one night. My grandpa was a hunter and fishing guide at one time. I was staying with my grandma and grandpa at a logging camp where […]

The Yadkin River, which runs through several counties in North Carolina’s piedmont, is well-known for Bigfoot / cryptid sightings I received the following account from an eyewitness in July 2015: “I was canoeing on the Yadkin River with a friend recently. We were about 1/2 downstream from the canoe launch at Shoals Rd. north of […]

“I saw something that looked like a pterodactyl in Ohio in February 2019. It was right over my head as I was driving. Only about 20 feet up and it was an odd gray color and I assumed it was a goose at first but I got a good look at it and its head […]

The Bigfoot saga has been around a long time and there are hundreds of accounts to back it up. Here are 3 newspaper reports describing Bigfoot from yesteryear Savage Attempts to Kidnap Women McNairy County, Tennessee – April 13, 1871 — “We learn that between Sobby and Crainsville on what is called Piney, in McNairy […]

3 strange accounts from different witnesses in Alabama, Florida and India. One of the incidents includes a shapeshifter black upright rabbit seen on Easter Sunday in 2014 North Alabama, USA. “Easter a few years ago (Sunday, April 20, 2014) I woke up around 3:00 AM and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I sat up […]

A Virginia resident, is told by his medium mother in Ohio, that a negative energy inhabits the woods behind his girlfriend’s house. He later detects the presence of an unknown biped The following account was recently received: “So I don’t have to stop and explain later first I need to say that my mother is […]

A woman recalls her father’s aggressive Bigfoot encounter while he and his brothers were sleeping in a truck in Northern California I recently came across the following account: “My Dad had told me about a lot of experiences that happened to him throughout his life. I remember one in particular that took place sometime in […]

3 different sighting reports involving huge Thunderbird and Pterodactyl / Pterosaur creatures in Colorado, Texas and Mississippi “In 2008, on the southeast corner of north Table Mountain in Golden, Colorado, I witnessed a large flying Thunderbird riding the lead edge of a thunderstorm that was coming out of Clear Creek Canyon. It tried to grab […]

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