phantoms and monsters

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2 distinct men in black (MIB) encounters in which both displayed very odd activity. These reports came from eastern Kentucky and Calgary, Alberta. “I saw a MIB twice in the space of only one-half-hour. It was the same MIB. This happened in Calgary, Alberta in and around 1978. This fellow was not quite Human. He […]

A Brazilian man has a scary encounter with an ‘human-like Lycan’ while jogging in a Eucalyptus plantation. Very bizarre account from São Paulo, Brazil. I recently came across the following account: “My father likes to frequent the sports club of the local university where he teaches to run and exercise. It is a large sports […]

An elder Ute man recalls his experiences in Skinwalker Valley, in the Uintah Basin where the infamous Skinwalker Ranch is located I received this narrative from a native Ute who lives on the Uintah / Ouray Reservation. It is a revised entry from a previous post: Hi – I am about to tell you a […]

A woman and her son have a frightening encounter with a roaring Bigfoot in the Patapsco State Park near Daniels, Maryland Please note: The following encounter took place in the Patapsco State Park in Maryland. This is in the same park where I had my encounter in 1981. Through the description of the location provided, […]

2 sisters are chased by a tall skinny humanoid, that drops to all fours, while skateboarding at night in a nature park in Gulf Shores, Alabama I recently came across the following account: “About five years ago my older sister and I went to a nature park, a wetlands so to speak, in Gulf Shores, […]

2 witnesses have a late night frightening close encounter with a pale white crawler humanoid in Huntington, West Virginia I recently received the following account: “On a summer night at the end of the July in 2008 we were camping while working to sell our wares at a flea market in Huntington, West Virginia. It […]

While hunting for squirrel in an old growth woods in central Indiana, a man has a scary encounter with a large female Bigfoot I recently received a telephone call from ‘CC’ in reference to a Bigfoot encounter in 1985 in an old growth forest area just south of the Meyer Nature Preserve near Martinsville, Indiana. […]

An elderly witness recently observed a pair of 8 foot tall upright canines stalking a herd of cattle in southern Beauregard Parish On May 4, 2020 I posted the following – Upright Canine (Possible ‘Rougarou’) Encountered in Beauregard Parish, Louisiana – In which a Beauregard Parish, Louisiana property owner and his young daughter encountered an […]

A young Chicago couple discovers that a red eyed black mass haunts their Lakeview apartment building “Here’s a bit of the backstory. From late 2003 to summer 2005, my husband (who was my boyfriend at the time) and I lived in a haunted apartment in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago (by the corner of Melrose […]

A group of friends are kayaking in western Michigan when they hear tortured screams coming from the woods. As they leave the area, they encounter an unknown long haired limping humanoid This account was from 5/6/2020: “So this all just happened less than an hour ago and I’m still freaking out but here goes nothing. […]

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