4 recently reported first-hand Bigfoot sightings and encounters from different locations in Missouri, Georgia, Oklahoma and Virginia. In 2 of the reports, there seems to be a supernatural aspect to these incidents. The following accounts were recently forwarded to me: “I live in Southern Missouri, way out in the boonies. One night I took our […]

An Oklahoma teen wakes one early morning and observes a strange figure with a dog-like head. The figure reached into a crow cage, pulled out a knife and killed the bird! I came across the following account after it was referred to me: Back in the winter of 1961, near Lawton, Oklahoma, I remember waking […]

The following report was submitted by Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research investigator Ryan Fusco. Ryan subsequently travelled to Comanche County, Oklahoma: This case started back August 10, 2020 after Lon strickler asked me if I would follow up on a case of a guy named Steve who lived in Oklahoma who gave me permission to […]

A Tulsa, Oklahoma couple are walking their dog late at night, when they encounter a canine/deer-like entity, first in the courtyard then in the hallway of their apartment building. The following account and sketch were posted by a Reddit user named ‘morrcannibis.’ I am attempting to verify the information by contacting the witness: My husband […]

A young boy notices a large dark figure peeking out onto the trail from behind the trees. He later discovers a newly killed cow that has had its throat ripped out in his family’s pasture. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “I grew up in the swamps of southeastern Oklahoma, below the Kiamichi […]

In 2013, students from the University of Central Oklahoma had an alleged UFO / Nordic alien encounter at Edmond, Oklahoma’s Arcadia Lake. I have tried to find more information about this incident over the years. “There has been growing interest in an alleged UFO/alien encounter out at Arcadia Lake, on Edmond’s far east side, involving […]

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