A recent filing with the SEC from To the Stars Academy “raise doubts about the company’s ability to continue.” To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, an organization co-founded by former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge to study UFOs and other “mysteries of the universe,” may be on the verge of collapse. According to a biannual financial report filed […]

One of the most mysterious ancient cultures in the world is Vinca. Numerous archaeological remains have been discovered near Belgrade, Serbia. Among the most important objects of culture are the statues, over 2000, depicting an alien species visited on Earth to influence human development. The statues of Vinca are quite amazing because they depict the gods who […]

Agenda 21 is a controversial program, which was adopted at the beginning of the last century, aiming at the urban development of the signatory states. Agenda 21 was elaborated and signed by many countries in 1922. From then until now the points of this project have been changed decisively. The implementation by the local administration […]

You’ve managed to travel tens of thousands of light-years beyond the solar system. Bravely facing the depths of the great interstellar voids, you’ve witnessed some of the most achingly beautiful and outrageously powerful events in the universe, from the births of new solar systems to the cataclysmic deaths of massive stars. And now for your […]

More than two million UFO fans signed up to ‘see them aliens’ by storming Area 51 base The US military has apologised over a tweet saying it would fight “millennials” with stealth bombers if they attempted to enter Area 51, saying it “in no way” reflects their stance. More than two million UFO fans signed up to “see them aliens” by storming the Area […]

A bright fireball meteor streaked across the night sky above Missouri Monday (Nov. 11), passing over St. Louis’ iconic Gateway Arch.  [embedded content] The giant flash of light came from a meteor traveling east to west across the state. It was seen over Missouri around 8:52 p.m. local time (0252 GMT), according to the American Meteor Society […]

Grieb & Benzinger themselves personally shared with me that they never thought they would make a watch quite like this. Called the Area 51, this absolute unique timepiece borne of hand-decoration and fantastic German artistic skills is about space aliens. Oh, and we’d like to have a little “caption contest” with readers, just read more below… […]

On Nov. 11, people across most of the world can catch the planet Mercury passing across the sun. This rare event won’t be seen from Earth again until 2032. [embedded content] Mercury will transit the Sun on Nov. 11, 2019. Get all the details here. The smallest planet in the solar system is also the closest to […]

It’s a long way down as a rocket and its fairing part ways during a launch. An incredible video shows that journey for the nose cone SpaceX will reuse during its next Falcon 9 launch. [embedded content] SpaceX is pushing its reusability even further, as the company plans to refly that rocket piece for the first time […]

Oh, bother! What’s Winnie-the-Pooh doing outside of the Hundred Acre Wood? A fluffy cloud shaped like the lovable bear reportedly appeared over a children’s charity event in Dorset, England. Now, we’re not sure if the photo, which was posted to Imgur, was Photoshopped, but it’s still delightful. In fact, it’s nothing short of “splendiferous!” Britain’s […]

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