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An English teen observed a creepy child-sized ‘Rake’ humanoid crawling through his garden in Berkshire. “As a teen I just refused to sleep at normal hours, especially on weekends. Why? Well that’s because the house I lived in and the land the house was on was haunted as sh*t. Staying up usually meant seeing some […]

The eyewitness is terrified by a large white crawling emaciated humanoid while vacationing at Lake Kootenay, British Columbia The following account was recently forwarded to me: “To give you some background, my family owns a trailer home which sits on a cliff overlooking Lake Kootenay, in the south of the Canadian province of British Columbia. […]

3 different encounters with tall pale humanoids by separate witnesses in Maryland, New York and Belarus.“This event took place over a year ago, but I hadn’t really thought to post about it until now. I don’t want to dox myself, but I live in Maryland, and I was with my now ex-girlfriend at her house. […]

A young man and his uncle encounter a tall boney humanoid that was harassing the livestock in the barn. This occurred in a rural area of northern Utah I recently found the following account: “It was mid May several years ago, when my family took a trip down to my uncle’s farm, in Utah, not […]

A woman is driving to a friend’s house on Christmas night, when she encounters tall lean ‘walker’ humanoid that screams as she passes by. This occurred in upstate New York. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “This incident occurred on Christmas night 2007 at our family home in upstate New York. The day […]

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