An 11-Year Old Got a Physics Degree, And He Plans to Make Humans Immortal – Alien UFO Sightings %d bloggers like this: Original Post https://alien-ufo-sightings.com/2021/07/an-11-year-old-got-a-physics-degree-and-he-plans-to-make-humans-immortal/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=an-11-year-old-got-a-physics-degree-and-he-plans-to-make-humans-immortal

This man claims he is a time traveler and met his own self in 2042 – He shows a video of this event (VIDEO) – Alien UFO Sightings %d bloggers like this: Original Post https://alien-ufo-sightings.com/2021/07/this-man-claims-he-is-a-time-traveler-and-met-his-own-self-in-2042-he-shows-a-video-of-this-event-video/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=this-man-claims-he-is-a-time-traveler-and-met-his-own-self-in-2042-he-shows-a-video-of-this-event-video

IN QUANTUM PHYSICS, “REALITY” REALLY IS WHAT WE CHOOSE TO OBSERVE – Alien UFO Sightings %d bloggers like this: Original Post https://alien-ufo-sightings.com/2021/07/in-quantum-physics-reality-really-is-what-we-choose-to-observe/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=in-quantum-physics-reality-really-is-what-we-choose-to-observe

FROM THE DEPT. OF PEOPLE YOU SHOULD REALLY, REALLY LISTEN TO. Endgame, Set, Match It’s common knowledge, at this point, that artificial intelligence will soon be capable of outworking humans — if not entirely outmoding them — in plenty of areas. How much we’ll be outworked and outmoded, and on what scale, is still up […]

Time traveler, a survivor of the famous Philadelphia Experiment reveals details about time-travel programs. Al Bialek was born in 1927 and worked in some of the strangest and most controversial fringes of the US military. He claims that the technological prowess of the United States is far more advanced than we could imagine. He also […]

The U.S. military wants soldiers that have superhuman eyesight, controllable augmented muscles that turn untrained novices into expert killers, and more. Cybernetic enhancements that fuse humans and machines are coming, and the U.S. Military wants to be prepared. A new report from the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Chemical Biological Center—a scientific research division of […]

Welcome to this edition of The Intelligence Brief. In this week’s newsletter, we are training our focus on 1) the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Phase One of its DRACO program, 2) the heavy-hitting space companies it has tasked to create its future nuclear thermal propulsion systems, and 3) how these technologies may set the […]

Military procurement success stories are rare, to say the least. The U.S. Air Force’s forthcoming B-21 Raider bomber isn’t only on budget—it’s also (mostly) on time. That might as well be a miracle in the messy world of military hardware procurement. The B-21 Raider is the Air Force’s next strategic bomber. The bomber, which outwardly resembles the B-2 […]

The EV3-F4 is the third iteration of what is perhaps the most badass vehicle ever made: The Ripsaw.  Built by extreme vehicle fabricator Howe and Howe Technologies, the Ripsaw is a highly maneuverable “luxury” tank that can seat up to 4 adults.  It’s a perfect example of what the Batmobile will likely eventually morph into.  Every version since the […]

Top Gear America took utility to the extreme in a $250,000 “SUV.” According to the manufacturer, it’s not actually a sport utility vehicle—it’s an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Whatever you call it, SHERP the Ark 3400 is impressive. Earlier this year on Top Gear America, Jethro Bovingdon got to—throw?—one of these 10-wheeled beasts around when the guys […]

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