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I recently found the following account: I’m from south Florida and my mom, her brother, and two uncles SWEAR by this story – one of my uncles doesn’t even like talking about it. So here it goes: My mom was a freshman in high school and living in Jupiter Farms, Florida. My grandma had to […]

Over the holiday period, 3 days before New Year (2010), my girlfriends and I decided to explore Seattle’s nightlife. I have lived in Seattle for the last 4.5 years but have not really investigated the city’s nightlife, much to my girlfriends’ annoyance. My girlfriends are fully aware of this fact and begrudgingly I went on […]

I recently received the following account: About 9 to 10 years ago I was living along the Uvas Creek in my home town of Gilroy, CA. It was late summer around 12:30 am to shortly after 1:00 am when my two other companions and I heard a screaming sound of death coming farther down from […]

I saw this in Santa Clara, NM on this day they did the “Deer Dance” (Zuni Pueblo). Here’s the story I shared with a lady about what I saw. My friend danced that day I speak of and it was the Santa Clara Deer Dance. That night it all ended, Me and my homie who […]

Hi Lon, First off, I’m writing to you because I’ve read Phantoms and Monsters for quite a long time now, and I greatly respect the way you report things and how you try to protect people. I’m hoping that maybe you can shed light on some things. I’m very nervous writing to you. Not that […]

I recently received the following account: I wanted to tell a story of what I experienced in the vicinity of Rio Arriba County, Abiquiu /Tierra Azul. I was 15 at the time so this was in 2005. My cousin and I were the only ones together. There was a car in front of us. All […]

I was at Teignmouth and I had my camera set up on a tripod that was facing towards Shaldon. I was taking photographs when I spotted something unusual moving over by the railway. I immediately looked through my binoculars to see what it could be only to be surprised by what I saw. Whatever it […]

Mid-1970s – Baton Rouge, Louisiana: One of the Paranormal Round Table hosts discussed a case that involved personal family members. This case sparked his interest in the paranormal and, more specifically, in cryptids. His grandfather, a man named JD, a truck driver, and his grandmother, Sophie, were driving near Baton Rouge, Louisiana when they observed […]

“In the late 1970s I lived in Ottawa, Ontario and rode a red 1969 Rocket 3 BSA motorcycle. They were all red, so that part doesn’t matter; I’ve only seen the slime green version in books. The 1969 / 70 Rocket 3s are as ugly as sin with a ‘shoe box’ gas tank and unmistakable […]

I was in a 24 hour shopping center car park waiting for a friend who works there at around 10 PM. Suddenly a kid pops out of window screen and starts tapping. I’m thinking ‘Where the hell did he come from?’ and ‘Is he trying to rob me?’. Anyway I roll the window down only […]

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