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In Ohio, on February 2001, young Zach Evert got his driver’s license. Diane Evert, his mother, was eager to document his first day of being a licensed driver and she had him pull their truck out of the back of the garage so she could get some pictures and share them with family members. Zach […]

1975 – London, UK “Not sure if I’ve told this before on here or not? But this is my Dad’s story. Just to explain, he’s ex British Army, not scared of anything and super practical. He became a lorry driver about 1975 I think this was not long after he started. So this happened about […]

“It took moving 1000 miles away to finally feel comfortable enough to tell you this story. This happened just before my senior year of high school over a period of 3 weeks in the summer. I was 17 years old, drug free and sober, at the most I took Advil for headaches every now and […]

“I didn’t see the creature. My mother did around 1960 in the Chicago suburb of Oak Lawn, IL. My aunt was present, but said she didn’t see it. My dad and uncle were in the house with us kids, and also saw nothing. She described it as having leathery wings like a bat, but also […]

“When I was 15 my dad took me hunting for the first time. It was the middle of the day so I decided to hunt small game. Found a good spot on a steep hill where a tree had fallen over that made a perfect place to sit. I was there for about 45 minutes […]

“Strange foot prints. I chose Bigfoot for this but it might be werewolf or I don’t know? This happened to my brother years ago when he was camping with my cousin in Iran’s Mazandaran jungles. Let me mention, in these jungles, the only dangerous wild animals are bears. There are some other wild cats and […]

I recently came across the following account that occurred on December 18, 2019: I was just (about 10 minutes ago) fishing in a small creek (east branch of the Perkiomen Creek) in Southeast Pennsylvania and saw something weird. I was fishing a small, narrow part of it (no more than 20 feet wide) and on […]

This story is only partly a first hand account. Events that may have led up to this point come from my friend group at the time. They were trustworthy but I only saw this thing once. A lot of the really intense encounters with the paranormal for me were in these woods beside where my […]

Late 2015 – Austin, TexasA man working for a computer firm had just arrived in Austin, Texas. He had only just landed the job and was still getting moved. One night, two days after arriving in town, the man left work and was driving home when he observed a big wolf-like hyena-looking creature running on […]

So, this happened around 7 years ago in 2012, I was 9 years old. My house is in front of a small forest area, so the backyard is a large clearing with lots of trees behind it, which is bordered by a fence my father built. In the backyard there is also a greenhouse and […]

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