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I recently received the following account: Sir, I came upon this website about a month ago doing research of something a friend mentioned to me. I come here periodically to read what people send you and many I find very interesting. However there were a few that brought back a incident I experienced many years […]

I recently received the following account: Hi this isn’t a story about any flying mothman, but what I saw terrifies me and still does to this day. It was late fall, probably early November, and I was picking up my daughter from her friends house in Phelps, WI. I live in Eagle River so it’s […]

I recently received the following account: Hi Lon, I’ve been meaning to reach out for some time now and finally am. I became aware of you from a Chicago Mothman video on YouTube around a year and half ago. I have occasionally shared my story through the years, which isn’t a whole lot with others, […]

“It was back in 2010, right before the sun was coming up one morning while hunting with college buddies in Arkansas. We stayed overnight and I got up earlier and went out with my dog to try and view the path we would be taking that morning and get a general sense of the area. […]

I recently received the following account: I’m writing this based on what I saw going to work one morning in September 2018. I rather like to stay anonymous. I live on the state line of New Mexico and Texas. I left my home at 4:30 am to head into work in Seminole, TX to open […]

I have a story you might be interested in. It’s been a couple years now since it’s happened but I can remember it pretty well. My family is farmers and ranchers. One Fall we started moving cattle closer to home for the winter. We moved the heifer pasture and noticed we were short a few […]

In 2013 I was living in Houston with my parents studying for the Bar exam. I would get up every morning around 4am to go run about 5 miles before starting my long days of studying. By the time night rolled around I was exhausted and had no trouble falling or staying asleep. My bedroom […]

“I’ve lived in Vermont since I was 17 yrs old. I’d never heard of Bigfoot nor seen anything like it in my life. I’ve seen black bears stand on their hind feet, take a few steps, but always returning to their 4 legged walk. I married my husband in 1967 and had 3 children from […]

I work retail. I’m checking this sweet old couple out at the register. Having a wholehearted typical retail worker speaking to customer conversation and then BOOM! I look into the husband’s eyes for the first time. This man has JET BLACK eyes. Store goes silent. No one’s speaking. I’m overcome with an overwhelming feeling of […]

During last night’s Arcane Radio show, Ronny LeBlanc and I discussed the theory of Bigfoot gifting and an incident depicted on ‘Expedition Bigfoot.’ I mentioned an interview of Gerald Bringle by JC Johnson at Crypto Four Corners that I posted at Phantoms & Monsters. I have re-posted that report below: JC Johnson and some of […]

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