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4 short accounts of possible interactions or sightings with Reptilian humanoids by unsuspecting eyewitnesses. Very strange. Here are several short accounts of possible Reptilian encounters: “When I lived in a small town in British Columbia, Canada, there was this couple that were very strange. We used to see them at the hot springs. First off, […]

3 UFO witness recount their firsthand experiences in the UK, Ontario and Oklahoma. Here are a few recently received firsthand UFO encounter reports: “I have only seen two UFOs in my life and one of them looked like this one (a diamond shaped craft). I was walking home in the west end of Toronto and […]

3 separate accounts of encounters with Skinwalkers on the Dine Navajo reservation in New Mexico and Arizona. One account of running alongside a car, a shapeshifting coyote and an old ‘witch’ who cursed the jail. I recently came across the following accounts: “I dated a Navajo guy for 3.5 years when I was in college. […]

A reader in north Alabama describes his encounters with several different Bigfoot over his lifetime. Apparently, he has more incidents to tell me. I look forward to it. I recently received the following account: “Hey Lon. I have lived in north Alabama my entire life. My family told me their stories when I was a […]

2 different scary reports that include strange sounds of a crying baby that change in direction, as well as a spelunker encountering human bones and glowing eyes in the darkness. I recently came across the following accounts: “This was back in the day of no cars for the poor folk in the Appalachians of north […]

2 harrowing Skinwalker encounter reports, one on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona and the other in southern Utah. Very scary accounts! I recently came across the following account: “I was a kid when this happened. My uncle and I were finishing up chopping/gathering firewood for my grandmother because it was getting dark. This was on […]

2 different Bigfoot encounters by witnesses in Washington and Georgia. A Bigfoot observed shaking a tree violently and then a Lemur-faced Sasquatch blocking the path along the Appalachian Trail. I recently came across the following accounts: “Was looking at mountains on Peakbagger mid-August. Decided to climb a rather large mountain near Springer, Georgia, the southern […]

2 accounts of similar flying humanoids seen by different witnesses at different locations in southern New Jersey. The description was a familiar one, reminding the witnesses of the ‘Jeepers Creepers’ film character. These reports were submitted in July 2015. Was this flying humanoid seen at two different times by different people?: “I came across your […]

2 strange incidents recently reported to me. One was a ‘glimmer man’ entity in the upstairs hallway, and the other was an encounter with a glowing white dog. “In early March of 2020, I was sitting upright in my upstairs master bedroom feeding my 3 month old daughter a bottle. The TV was off, it […]

3 creepy black-eyed kids (BEK) accounts from different eyewitnesses. It seems that these incidents have waned in recent years, but they do still occur. Here are a few BEK accounts that I’ve been gathering, as well as a few older incidents: “When my dad and his girlfriend told me this story, they had a look […]

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