A boy and his friends, living in northeast Tennessee, encountered a large crawling hairy creature in a nearby quarry. It seems the folks in the area knew of its existence, but kept quiet. “In 1987, when I was 10 years old, we moved into a new house, and a new neighborhood, in northeast Tennessee. My […]

5 strange cryptid and unexplained incident accounts from New Mexico, Texas, British Columbia, North Carolina and Washington. I recently came across the following bizarre accounts: “A year has passed since that night in New Mexico. It keeps me up almost every night and I can’t keep it to myself anymore. For some context, I go […]

4 separate accounts of possible upright canines, Bigfoot & mantis beings in New York, Florida, Texas & Pennsylvania. What did these eyewitnesses experience? “Yes, they are real. Sasquatch, Dogmen live in an area near me (Orange County, New York). Their habitat consists of about 350 acres. I have over the years experienced a lot of […]

More unusual encounters with ‘Frogmen’ or possible Reptilian beings. There have been various ‘Frogmen’ cryptid sightings over the years, including the well-known ‘Loveland Frog’ incidents. The following accounts were recently forwarded to me. You may want to refer to a previous post – ‘Frog People’ Encountered in the Meadowlands, New Jersey: “I lived in the Mississippi Delta […]

A woman in South Carolina believes that she witnessed a ‘centaur.’ Is that possible? Well, I include reports of encounters with centaurs by the Navajo and other witnesses. I recently came across the following account: “I never told this story to anybody but my daughter, because I knew nobody would believe me. I don’t even […]

3 different accounts of cryptid and other unexplained phenomenon in British Columbia, Canada. These include a Sasquatch encounter, a white biped cryptid and phantom voices. The following accounts were recently provided to me: “My grandfather had witnessed for himself the tremendous size and strength of a Sasquatch for the first time in 1951. At the […]

4 separate cryptid and humanoid accounts from Alabama, Michigan, Florida & Missouri. The descriptions include a giant white dog, human shadow, ghostly animal and a Golum-like being. I have collected the following accounts: “I was talking to my sister yesterday, who had an encounter in Mcintosh, Alabama on Fairford Rd. Just to give you a […]

I’ll be LIVE with my friend Kev Baker this Wednesday! Discussing cryptids, Oak Island, Nazi occult, etc. Should be an interesting show! TUNE IN LIVE on TRUTH FREQUENCY RADIO from 2pm PST | 5pm EST | 9pm UK on one of the links below… ***** If you wish to comment on this Phantoms & Monsters […]

5 separate cryptid encounters accounts, including a diver’s real-life incident with the Loch Ness Monster in 1971. Here are several cryptid encounter accounts collected by me: “My husband’s grandmother told a story about when she was a little girl (would have been early 1920s). One of her older family members was on his death bed. […]

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