GEMMA Collins believes that mermaids and mer-men are real. The Towie star, 39, dropped the bombshell confession what she believes life is like under the sea on her show The Gemma Collins podcast. Rex Features The Towie star believes that mermaids are real[/caption] Gemma – who recently lost three stone – reckons that there is […]

I’m delighted to announce the release of a short film presenting the recent history of Antarctica and how a breakaway German colony established a presence in an extensive underground cavern system, and used it as a base of operations for building a fleet of reverse engineered alien spacecraft. The German “Dark Fleet” has evolved over […]

A MOM is facing charges for allegedly plotting to kidnap her son from foster care with the help of QAnon conspiracy theorists who believed the boy was taken by “evil Satan worshipers” and “pedophiles.” Cynthia Abcug, 50, of Colorado, was reportedly plotting to get her child back in a “raid” with other – possibly armed […]

A QANON conspiracy theorist and vocal supporter of President Donald Trump has been permanently banned from Twitter, reports said Saturday. Bill Mitchell, a conservative pundit who hosts the YouTube show “YourVoice America,” was reportedly suspended permanently for violating the company’s policy on using multiple accounts in a bid not to be suspended for another violation. […]

IF ALIENS ever descend upon Earth, humanity wouldn’t stand a chance. In fact, extraterrestrial invaders would “crack this planet open like a nut”, according to one famed UFO expert. Get all the latest Science news Keep up-to-date with the top Space & Astronomy stories All the latest Archaelogy news from dinosaurs to Ancient artefacts Nick […]

ALIEN hunters think they’ve spotted an ‘ancient spaceship’ in the middle of a crater on planet Mercury. Photos of the supposed UFO have been posted on a popular conspiracy theory site. Scott C. Waring/ A UFO hunter thinks he’s spotted an ancient spaceship on Mercury[/caption] Scott C. Waring wrote on UFO Sightings Daily: “I have found […]

CONSPIRACY nuts claim to have discovered a “haunted” forest in an image on Google Maps. The photo, shared on social media over the weekend, shows a strangely coloured area of a forest in central California. Read all the latest Phones & Gadgets news Keep up-to-date on Apple stories Get the latest on Facebook, WhatsApp and […]

THE BBC has been accused of valuing conspiracy theories more than real science. It comes after bosses axed Brian Cox’s Stargazing Live but are keeping former I’m A Celebrity winner Scarlett Moffatt’s podcast, where she investigates weird theories with her boyfriend.  (C) BBC The BBC has axed Professor Brian Cox’s science show, Stargazing [/caption] Brian’s co-host, […]

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