Two female friends are in the Front Range of Colorado at night searching for a quiet spot to relax and party. During the time they have an encounter with an unknown humanoid figure. The following account was forwarded to me: “This started back in January 2020. I live on the Front Range of Colorado, meaning […]

A Colorado rancher is shocked after witnessing a cattle abduction and mutilation one night. It disturbed him so much that he decided to sell the ranch and move to Arizona. I recently received the following account: “I knew a former Colorado rancher who owned a ranch near Del Norte and one near Mesa, Arizona. The […]

A Colorado witness reports encountering what he describes as a ‘Not Deer,’ a supposed creature that resembles a deer but doesn’t really have the same characteristics. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “I believe I saw what a lot of people call a “not deer” last fall. I see the term “not deer” […]

2 older bizarre encounters posted on social media, including an Asian vampire in Colorado and then a floating ‘box-head’ humanoid in Sweden. “I once had a strange encounter with a woman who claimed to be a Vampire. At first I thought she was on drugs but then she did something that made me wonder if […]

3 separate Bigfoot encounter accounts in Colorado, Texas and British Columbia. The scenarios include wood knocking, strange howling and predation. These accounts were recently posted on various social media sites: “I’ve lived around the Rocky Mountains all my life. I have also done a lot of camping. I’ve always been into Bigfoot shows and heard […]

A couple made a trip to Colorado Springs, CO and later visited the area around Pikes Peak. The man encountered a white humanoid while trekking along the mountain. I recently received the following account: “This past winter, my wife and I decided to make the drive to Colorado Springs on the recommendation of a friend […]

Has Sasquatch been found in Uncompahgre National Forest, Colorado? The Google Map coordinates are 38°16’24.2″N 108°08’32.8″W – check it out and tell us what you think? PLEASE CONSIDER A DONATION Your financial support of Phantoms & Monsters and our other pursuits is much appreciated. Despite what many people believe, what I do is not a profitable venture. […]

A Delta County, Colorado resident has had several encounters with Sasquatch in the Smith Mountain area. He has included a few images of the prints he found. Here is an account from 2016 that I recently found: “My encounters occurred at Gunnison Gorge NCA and the other in Adobe Butts on the sides of the […]

A group of British and American hikers are trekking through southern Colorado when they encounter an odd humanoid figure that mimics the voice of one the group. Was it a skinwalker? This older account came to me from an associate: “Before I begin, a bit of background; I’m 28 years old and I live in […]

After reading my post about a possible Bigfoot incident near Keystone Ski Resort in Summit County, Colorado, another witness comes forwards with her encounter near the same location. I received the following account in response to my post Unknown Night Stalker Along Colorado Mountain Road: “In the winter of 1983, at about 9:30 pm, while returning […]

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