I recently received the following account: Hello, thank you for putting this on the internet…for the article of the Man-Bat. A couple of years (late Summer 2017) ago a friend and I where in Kenosha, Wisconsin on our way to northern Illinois (where we lived at the time) after getting tattoos. It was somewhere between […]

Hi Lon, I was following the Chicago Mothman stuff a lot back in 2017, but thought it was an isolated thing back then and didn’t know anything about the latest flaps happening again in 2019. Knowing that weird stuff is happening in the area, I thought I would share a recent experience that happened on […]

“I was asleep and I was having what I thought was a dream but there wasn’t anything weird happening. I was just talking to these two girls that I’ve never seen nor met before but we were just having a normal conversation. When we finished talking, I woke up and I just felt weird. I […]

“I had an incident in Tampa, Florida. A winged creature sighting. Driving to work early in the morning. It wasn’t dark but not quite daylight out. Going around a curve in a road knowing I’m coming up to a light (it’s always red and I always have to stop). For one of the only times […]

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