A group of friends were exploring the abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike near Breezewood, PA at night when they encounter eye shine coming closer to them. They believe it may have been a Bigfoot. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “My two friends and I decided to go to tunnel 2 (Sideling Hill Tunnel along […]

2 Swedes are in a nearby woods when they begin to hear strange noises around them. They suddenly experience an orb sighting, followed by an attack by an unseen beast or force. I recently came across the following account: “A friend and I went to the woods to barbecue over a fire as we do […]

I was going over several supposed video captures of Bigfoot / Sasquatch over the years. This particular video, taken near Calgary, Alberta, Canada in January 2014 is one of the better I have found overall. I attempted to get these screen captures, but they really do not compare to the video. The movement and size […]

In 1963, a young woman on her honeymoon encountered a Bigfoot while camping in the Broken Islands, British Columbia. She is still affected by the incident. I recently came across the following account: “This incident happened in 1963 while living in Ucluelet, British Columbia. I was 22 and on my honeymoon when I saw a […]

2 friends were hunting near Meridian, Texas in the late 1970s, when they encountered a large hairy cryptid attempting to hide behind a tree. The evidence and their assumption was that this was a Bigfoot. I recently came across the following account: “This happened in the late 70s as far as my father can remember. […]

A couple experience a Bigfoot attack while in their car on a mountain in south Williamsport, Pennsylvania. I have learned that the location is well-known for Bigfoot activity. I recently received the following account: “I experienced a strange incident in north central Pennsylvania. It will never be forgotten. Just thinking about this story still makes […]

I am posting the following email that I received from one of the producers of the Discovery Channel’s ‘Expedition X’ TV show. If you are interested, please feel free to contact Margie: Hi Lon It was nice chatting with you today.  Again, we are putting together a Crater Lake episode for our 3rd season of […]

The late night angry roar and damaged screen door generated by a cryptid beast disturbs a rural family in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. Without saying, they knew what it was.  The following account was in response to an earlier post: “This incident occurred during the summer of 1983 as I was about to begin my senior […]

Is it possible that this is a Bigfoot kill dump and/or boneyard? I know of at least one other location within New Mexico where similar activity has occurred. Your thoughts? I received the following inquiry and images in June 2014. I would like some comments and thoughts by the readers: MF, aka (redacted), was prospecting […]

On February 14, 2002 two brothers (Steve & Dennis Gates), in the area of the Waynesboro Reservoir / treatment plant, discover over 300 unusual tracks that trek the distance of the reservoir. The location is within the Michaux State Forest in the South Mountain area in south central Pennsylvania. The East Branch Antietam Creek flows […]

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