Amazing Places

NASA has never discovered life on the red planet, but one man says they’re hiding the truth — and he believes he has evidence to prove it. erry van Andel sat alone on the bow of the RV Lulu, a floating junkyard of a ship, as it bobbed against the waves of the Pacific Ocean. […]

An expedition into “virgin” cave passages found at Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico has discovered an isolated pool of liquid believed to have never before been seen by humans. Carlsbad Caverns posted news of the discovery this week on Facebook, calling the site “completely pristine” and speculating bacteria in the water “evolved entirely without […]

Fifteen-year-old Marcus Reed snapped Saturn at 4am from his back garden He used a 102mm reflector telescope and an iPhone app to spot the planet Saturn’s rings around the planet can be clearly seen in the picture A 15-year-old boy has managed to capture a picture of Saturn using a telescope in his back garden […]

For about four days, the radio waves would arrive at random. Then, for the next 12, nothing. Then, another four days of haphazard pulses. Followed by another 12 days of silence. The pattern—the well-defined swings from frenzy to stillness and back again—persisted like clockwork for more than a year. Dongzi Li, a doctoral student at […]

One of the most impressive discoveries was made recently in the Mexican city of Tulum in the Yucatan Peninsula. Inside of what appeared to be a random submerged cave they uncovered a set of subterranean caverns that became the largest underwater cave system ever discovered by humanity.Guillermo de Anda from Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology […]

It sounds like a science fiction script for an upcoming movie about NASA. However, according to several reports, and supposed transcriptions between the command center and the Apollo astronauts on the moon, humanity encountered otherworldly technology by setting foot on the lunar surface. Interesting details about what the astronauts may have found on the Moon come […]

A surprising new discovery has revealed a previously unknown structure located deep beneath the Pacific Ocean between the Earth’s core and mantle. It is not currently known what this structure – and others found near it – are composed of, but researchers note that their finding provides an opportunity to better understand the intricate processes […]

Because it’s almost impossible to get it to stay still on Earth. Scientists have made a rubidium Bose-Einstein condensate aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Bose-Einstein condensate is the fifth state of matter, and it lives way longer in space. NASA’s autonomous Cold Atom Lab was carried up to ISS in 2018. NASA scientists on Earth have collaborated with astronauts on the […]

Aliens vs. Angels & Demons The line between what the world would call a space alien and what others would call an angel or demon is blurry. Angels share imaging status with humans of God the Father, and while we represent God in the visible realm, they represent God, as spirit beings, in the invisible spiritual realm (Heiser, 43).1 So […]

Frank Stranges and Phil Schneider are the two most prominent people that make claims about the figure known as Valiant Thor. What Stranges claims and what Schneider claims have nearly nothing in common except for his name and that he worked at the Pentagon. The topic of Valiant Thor initially piqued my interest because Stranges’ […]

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