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On Nov. 11, people across most of the world can catch the planet Mercury passing across the sun. This rare event won’t be seen from Earth again until 2032. [embedded content] Mercury will transit the Sun on Nov. 11, 2019. Get all the details here. The smallest planet in the solar system is also the closest to […]

Images from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) are not only helping planners with future human missions to the moon, but they are also revealing new information about the moon’s evolution and structure. A new NASA video, posted on YouTube, features more than half a dozen locations of interest in stunning 4K resolution, much of it courtesy of LRO […]

A ghastly face with glowing eyes glares in deep space in a new image from the Hubble Space Telescope. The piercing “eyes” of this creepy space face are the bright cores of two distant galaxies in the middle of a head-on collision, and they’re surrounded by a mishmash of stars from their respective galactic disks.  A […]

Thousands of planets may form and orbit around the kind of supermassive black holes found in the cores of most, if not all, galaxies, a new study finds. “Planets are not only orbiting around stars, but also around supermassive black holes,” study lead author Keiichi Wada, an astrophysicist at Kagoshima University in Japan, told When new […]

Actually, our planet is usually quite large: flights between the continents take half a day, cruises over oceans weeks. Compared to the expansion of the earth, we feel ourselves small. Often, however, the vast expanses beyond our atmosphere are forgotten – and especially how tiny our oasis of life is given the dimensions of the universe. […]

The earth is surrounded by a multi-part ring of high-energy particles and rays, the so-called Van Allen Belt. It arises because the Earth’s magnetic field captures particles of the solar wind and directs them into orbits around the Earth. Portions of this shell act like a plasma shield that prevents high-  energy particles from penetrating into deeper layers. Some time ago researchers discovered enigmatic patterns in […]

NASA’S Hubble Space Telescope took this incredible picture of a galaxy that looks like a “gaping portal to another dimension”. ESA said: “In this image taken by Hubble Space Telescope, the galaxy NGC 4380 looks like a special effect straight out of a science fiction or fantasy film, swirling like a gaping portal to another […]

Prehistoric humans may have observed the sky via primitive lens-less “telescopes,” according to a team of British astronomers who have studied the long passageways of ancient megalithic tombs. The details were presented today by Kieran Simcox, a student at Nottingham Trent University, at a meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society. What we might have seen from Carregal do […]

Here’s the reality: We’re messing up the Earth and any far-out ideas of colonizing another orb when we’re done with our own are wishful thinking. That’s according to Michel Mayor, an astrophysicist who was a co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in physics this year for discovering the first planet orbiting a sun-like star outside of our solar […]

A FORMER NASA scientist says he is “convinced” that life was found on Mars in 1970 when the space agency sent a rover there. Dr Gilbert Levin, who worked on the Viking Mars landers in the 1970s, claims NASA had already answered the “ultimate question”, that is, that Mars supports alien life. Writing in a blog post for American […]

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