Alien Contact

What hides beyond the universe? Is the universe infinite? To understand what the universe is, we must start from the concept of observable universe, that is, planets, stars, solar systems, galaxies, which can be observable. If we suppose that the universe is isotropic, it has properties independent of the direction in space, the distance to its edge […]

Alien life could be more common than we thought, according to scientists. But any extraterrestrial life out in the universe is likely to inhabit a very different star system, very far away, the researchers conclude. The new study looked at a theoretical twin of Earth and explored how it might fit in with a binary star […]

Jeremy Corbell’s new documentary offers a rare on-camera interview with Bob Lazar, who put Area 51 on the map 30 years ago. Bob Lazar has seen some shit during his time on Earth—or at least he says he has. [embedded content] As a teenager he built jet engines and attached them to his bicycle. As Lazar […]

A recent filing with the SEC from To the Stars Academy “raise doubts about the company’s ability to continue.” To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, an organization co-founded by former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge to study UFOs and other “mysteries of the universe,” may be on the verge of collapse. According to a biannual financial report filed […]

Many people with Rh-negative blood feel like they ‘don’t belong’ on Earth. Now there’s a growing belief that we know why More than one scientist has, over the years, wondered why humans are so different to any other animals on Earth. Now one man thinks he has the answer. Dr Ellis Silver has developed an […]

It was a clear summer afternoon in Lake Tahoe, California in the late 70’s when I saw my first UFO. The rough-hewn cigar-shaped craft hovered for a long period of time at a distance over the lake. It was so obvious that all of my neighbors joined me on the street watching it until it […]

A man named Quisto, living in a small village near Berlin, Germany found a usb stick with a strange symbol carved into it on a parking lot near the so-called “Steintor”. Later on he put the usb stick in his laptop opened it and to his surprise he saw many old 1900’s images of what […]

The Facts:Nearly two decades ago, Gary Mckinnon of the UK accesses nearly 100 NASA and Department of Defence, including the US Air Force Space command. He faced extradition for 10 years after finding a picture of a UFO and a list of “non terrestrial officers.” Reflect On:How sheltered are we from certain information? Has ‘national […]

People have always wondered if there’s life in other planets, if aliens ever visited humans and if they left descendants on Earth somehow. What people don’t always know, is that aliens might be closer than they imagine. They can be next door. According to many different cultures, there are alien souls trapped in human bodies. […]

Musk’s plans have potentially dire consequences for alien life, astronauts and the environment. Elon Musk, founder of private space-faring company SpaceX, recently unveiled his new Starship craft. Amazingly, it is designed to carry up to 100 crew members on interplanetary journeys throughout the solar system, starting with Mars in 2024. The announcement is exciting, invoking deep emotions of […]

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