alien being

A civilian employee at the Greenville, MS AFB in the 1950s observed, with other employees, a disk-shaped craft descend and land on the tarmac. An alien being was seen exiting the craft. I recently received the following information: “My uncle was an electronics specialist and a civilian employee at the Air Force base in Greenville, […]

A young small town girl from Quebec states that she had a friend from the Pleiades star cluster. She told her mother and grandmother, and showed them the location of the star. Many years later, she believes that these close encounters affected her life. I recently received the following account: “When I was young, I […]

On January 18, 1978 – Fort Dix/McGuire AFB, New Jersey – The primary eyewitness in the case, Jeffrey Morse, alleged that he had been working as a security policeman at McGuire AFB when he was notified about UFO activity over Fort Dix Army base. Morse alleged that he heard that a non-human entity had been […]

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