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Taboo! is a Live podcast/vidcast that covers all manners of topics from Aliens to Politics and everything in between! 
​Join us every Monday at 7pm MST for our live broadcast. 
​Join in the fun by calling in 970-999-5176, or messaging us in the chat rooms or Skype to TheArrowRadio. 
​Taboo was founded by its host, Zanidu, and his trusty cohort Alex, both of whom felt the main stream media have continually avoided the important topics and brainwashed the masses. 
​They decided it was time to give the people a chance to open their eyes by providing a webcast that will provoke deep thought in those who listen, and/or watch the episodes provided here at Taboo. 
​Taboo is recorded live weekly and is streamed across many platforms to ensure those who want to watch can do so, as well as interact with the hosts to share their own thoughts on the matters at hand. 
​Taboo is incredibly thankful to all of its listeners and hopes to grow that base exponentially as time progresses. 
​We stream on: 
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​Support the stream : (You can buy items there too!) 
​Skype: thearrowradio Call-in: 970-999-5176 
Discord: https://Taboo.Media/discord 
Patreon : 

p.s. - We follow everyone who follows us, and we purge people who aren't following weekly... Thanks for askin! 
p.p.s. - We open the chests on Monday's During our live stream (Time Varies, to keep people here!). Be sure to be here when we do!

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"Keep positive, but carry a big... stick? Hmm... How about a big foam thumb?"

Life is too short to be serious all the time. You need to know when to be mature, but also when to let it all go and have fun!

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