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When you purchase a custom render, you have one main character and can select up to FOUR additional characters.  You will be contacted by someone after placing the order to talk about how you want your characters posed, costumes, and overall theme.  Your purchase contains up to four camera angles; one for each character in the scene.

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Meet Raina, the 45-year-old Chief Engineer on the Eclipse II. With her sexy and sultry demeanor, Raina is the epitome of beauty, brains, and sex-appeal. She is the perfect companion for those who seek a sophisticated and alluring presence on board. Despite being one of the older members of the crew, Raina’s skills in lovemaking and sexuality are unparalleled. Her bi-sexuality adds an extra layer of excitement as she is very willing to play with boys, girls, and even other species. Raina has made it her personal mission to help satisfy the rest of the crew when she is not busy tending to her duties in the engine room.

Raina’s presence on the Eclipse II brings a touch of sensuality and excitement to the crew. Her willingness to explore different forms of pleasure makes her a valuable asset to the team. Whether engaging in intimate encounters or working diligently in the engine room, Raina’s charm and allure are undeniable. She is a multifaceted individual who adds a unique dynamic to the crew, making her a memorable and intriguing character on board the Eclipse II.

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