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When you purchase a custom render, you have one main character and can select up to FOUR additional characters.  You will be contacted by someone after placing the order to talk about how you want your characters posed, costumes, and overall theme.  Your purchase contains up to four camera angles; one for each character in the scene.

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Livvy, the Chief Medical Officer on board the Eclipse II, is a captivating character who brings a unique blend of medical expertise and sensuality to her interactions. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the human body, Livvy is able to explore the depths of passion and eroticism in a way that is both thrilling and healing. Her ability to use diagnostic techniques to uncover her patients’ hidden desires and pleasure points sets her apart as a truly unforgettable figure in the world of intimate exploration.

Livvy’s play style incorporates a range of toys and power tools that add an extra layer of excitement and intensity to her encounters. Whether she is helping her patients heal from physical ailments or guiding them on a journey of sensual discovery, Livvy’s expertise and creativity shine through in every interaction. A night spent with Livvy is sure to be an unforgettable experience, filled with pleasure, excitement, and a deep sense of connection that lingers long after the encounter has ended.

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