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NameAidenGenderMaleRaceHumanAge21Height70" (177.8cm)Sexual OrientationBi-SexualLifestyleOpenOccupationScientistAppears inPineapple ValleyShare

Aiden is a young, ambitious individual who is not afraid to explore his sexuality to the fullest. Growing up in Pineapple Valley, he has had his fair share of sexual experiences and is always open to trying new things. His adventurous spirit and willingness to push boundaries make him a truly unique character.

After landing his dream job at a Cybernetics company, Aiden’s sexual awakening reached new heights. He indulges in multiple partners, various positions, and utilizes every part of his body to maximize pleasure. His uninhibited nature and desire for new experiences make him a true hedonist who is always seeking out the next thrill.

Despite his wild side, Aiden is not just a young horn-ball. He also possesses intelligence and a sharp mind, making him a complex and intriguing character. His willingness to engage in taboo activities such as incest with his step-mom and sister adds another layer to his already multifaceted personality. Aiden is a fascinating individual who embodies the perfect blend of passion and intellect.

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