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Written by on September 12, 2019

Peace is a five-letter word that packs a whole lot of meaning.

For some people, peace is the absence of war. A busy mum of active young children might consider the blissful silence that falls at the end of the day, when the little darlings are in bed, to be a peaceful time. To yet another person, peace could be money in the bank or spending time in nature.

“How many judgments do you have of peace—that aren’t even yours?” was the brilliant question Brendon Watt asked on this month’s Creative Edge of Consciousness telecall.

As a boy, Brendon was seeking something different in the world, something akin to world peace. Yet, encountering adults’ judgments of peace, be that ending hunger or eliminating crime, eroded his awareness of peace.

There’s a world of difference between choosing peace and choosing the judgments of peace. If your idea of peace is keeping everybody happy then you have to cut off parts and pieces of you to be the peacekeeper.

“What if creating a sense of peace on planet earth is you being willing to be everything you can be?” Simone Milasas said.

“I can be feisty, bossy, kind, generous, an asshole, so many different things. What if I can embrace all of that and be me and change the world?”

We know that fighting for peace doesn’t work. So, when does peace expand across the earth to create possibility that has never been on planet earth? Here are 3 tools that’ll get you started.

Receive infinitely

How many projections, expectations, separations, judgments, and rejections have you been unwilling to receive that keep you from creating peace on planet earth?

“When you resist, it doesn’t create peace. When you receive, anything is possible,” Simone explained.

Release yourself from judgment

“Every time you go into judgment of you or anybody else, you destroy peace on planet earth,” Brendon added. “Judgment is the elimination of peace.”

Walk with the earth

There are so many people who walk upon this planet blindly.

Some years ago while recuperating from a major operation, Simone spent a lot of time being in communion with nature. The tool she used was to tap into the energy of the earth and the space of peace that is ever-present.

“What if you walked with the earth and allowed yourself to have a sense of communion and peace, allowance, where nothing is right or wrong and you have that infinite choice that is yours?” she said.

Now is the time.

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