Gifts Every Dad Will Love This Father’s Day

Written by on June 20, 2019

Father’s Day is just a over two weeks away, June 16th! Have you gotten the guys in your life a gift? This year, why not keep it simple and give Dad a gift that will last all year long: the gift of good energy. Good energy never goes out of style and will benefit him for a lifetime. Don’t know what energy to get the men in your life? We have gifts every dad will love for Father’s Day.

To make it easier on you during this gift-giving time, we’ve put together five energy combinations for the men in your life. Head to our Father’s Day collection to shop all of the best Father’s Day gifts.

For the FIT Dad: 
For the active and sporty Dad, you want to ensure that his health, body and energy level are top notch for all his activities. Our Power Wrap will help him tap into his inner power and strength. Made with the energy of nine crystals, the Power Wrap is one of the most powerful tools to boost his energy and enhance his physical strength. Combine the Power Wrap with a Tiger’s Eye Touchstone for the Fit Dad to give him a boost of confidence and courage in everything he does. A Tiger’s Eye Touchstone on his desk, in his car, or in his pocket will serve as a constant reminder of just how powerful and strong he truly is.

For the PROTECTED Dad:
What better way to give back to a father figure than to give the gift of protection? Say thank you for always having my back by giving him the protective energy of a Protection Bracelet. To enhance the energetic protective shield around him, try combining the energy of the Protection Bracelet with a Black Tourmaline with Red Jasper Point. These crystal points combine the grounding energy of Red Jasper with the protective energy of Black Tourmaline to form a strong, steady, and secure energetic duo. Have Dad wear the Protection Bracelet for on-the-go shielding, and keep a Black Tourmaline with Red Jasper Point at home or at the office for constant protection.

For the TECH Dad: 
For the techie, gadget-loving Dads, we need to make sure they are protected from the Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) that are emitted by those gadgets. Our Digital Detox Bracelet is made with Shungite and Clear Quartz to release the build up of technological energy. Make sure Dad wears this piece whenever he is next to the computer, on his phone, or watching T.V. To further minimize the effects of EMFs, give the Digital Detox Bracelet to the men in your life in combination with a Shungite Pyramid. As the ultimate stone for minimizing the effects of exposure to technology, Shungite Pyramids blocks harmful or electromagnetic energy.

For the WORKING Dad:
For the working, business-ey dad, ensure that he has a prosperous and abundant year, full of opportunity! Our Money Magnet Bracelets combine the energy of eight beads, which is the number that signifies wealth and prosperity. Give this bracelet set to Dad as a reminder that his hard work will pay off, and to help him attract more wealth and success in his professional life. To amplify the wealth-attracting energy, give Dad a Pyrite Touchstone to place on his desk or workspace.

For EVERY Dad:
Show Dad how much he means to you and how grateful you are to have him in your life. Remind the men in your life of your appreciation for their presence by giving a Gratitude Bracelet. Every time he wears it, he’ll think of you with a smile. Bring even more of a smile to his face by pairing the Gratitude Bracelet with a Citrine Point, a bright and sunny stone of happiness.

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