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Written by on January 6, 2021

Probably one of the biggest pivots for me was to get more solution-focused than problem-focused. Focusing on problems can have benefits, but being solution-focused has been shown to be way more beneficial. By focusing on solutions instead of problems, we turn problems into opportunities, a much more positive and productive way of looking at obstacles than focusing on problems. By viewing problems as opportunities, we give ourselves the chance to build new skills and develop new attitudes about them. It makes us more flexible and creative, enabling us to realize that there are many ways to look at negative events in our lives, and this helps us create even more solutions.

When I made this change, it didn’t make problems go away, but it gave me a new lease on them, and more freedom to frame them and deal with them than when I was focused on the problem itself. When you focus on problems, there’s only one view: the problem. When you focus on solutions, there are infinite views, and there is potential in that, which comes with a deep sense of liberation and power.

So instead of focusing so much of your time and energy on the problem itself, I’d suggest spending a bit of that on “Okay, but what can I do about it?” You may be surprised how quickly your mood changes when you do.

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