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It sounds like a science fiction script for an upcoming movie about NASA. However, according to several reports, and supposed transcriptions between the command center and the Apollo astronauts on the moon, humanity encountered otherworldly technology by setting foot on the lunar surface.

Interesting details about what the astronauts may have found on the Moon come from an interview with an anonymous professor and Neil Armstrong at a NASA symposium:


Armstrong: It was incredible … of course, we had always known that there was a possibility … the fact is that we were warned. There were never any questions about a space station or a lunar city.

Teacher: How do you mean “warned”?

Armstrong: I can not go into details, except to say that their ships were far superior to ours in both size and technology. Boy, where are you big! … and threatening … No, it’s not a space station.

Teacher: But did NASA have other missions after Apollo 11?

Armstrong: Naturally, NASA was engaged at that time and could not risk panic on Earth … But it really was a quick scoop again and again. (Above Top Secret, p 186)

Is it possible that Apollo astronauts have encountered alien beings and UFOs as they explore the lunar surface?In fact, according to Dr. Vladimir Azhazha, physicist and professor of Mathematics at Moscow University:

According to numerous sources, Armstrong claimed that there was an extraterrestrial presence on the moon, and the astronauts were ORDERED to get away from the MOON.

Reports indicate that the Apollo astronauts stumbled upon numerous “tents” and structures on the moon that were obviously not made by man. Many UFOlogists claim that Buzz Aldrin even filmed the strange structures and all the details were reported to the control of the mission, which deliberately ‘censored’ the information to avoid chaos and panic among the general population.

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