Chemicals in your diet are a nightmare

Written by on June 26, 2020

As a kid growing up in Newark, NJ and being back in NJ for a while is quite the learning experience. First and foremost, NJ is run by the big pHarma and the pollution corporations and there ain’t nothing anyone can do about it.

I’m sure you’ve heard about PFAS – the polyfluoroalkyl
substances. These are so dangerous to the human body, yet they are found in
some of the NJ drinking water.

These chemicals have been used since 1949 in the production
of items we encounter everyday: non-stick pots and pans, cleaning products,
food packaging and more. These chemicals have permeated drinking water supplies
across the country, particularly in areas with industrial plants and military

In Hawaii, I was blessed by keeping fluoride out of drinking
water except for one place – the military bases. This shows how how much our
government loves those that defend their country.

Roughly 110 million Americans live in areas with
contaminated drinking water systems and NJ has 43 contamination sites, which is
one of the highest in the country.

NJ’s military bases have generated especially high
concentrations of these chemicals due to their use of PFAS in firefighting

Countless scientific studies have been warning NJ residents
for decades that these chemicals can cause serious and even deadly health
issues. The corporations could care less the people could develop multiple
types of cancer, impaired childhood development, reproductive issues, hormone
disruption, increased cholesterol levels and immune system problems. As long as
the money keeps coming in that’s all that matters.

Unfortunately, the EPA (Environmental Pollution Agency)
continues to put industry profits over the health of the citizens and it
continues to drag its feet on the commonsense action necessary to make the
drinking water safe.

In 2016, the EPA released a health advisory for two PFAS
chemicals that would ha ve limited drinking water concentrations to 70 parts
per trillion, which is still a dangerously high level that scientists have
warned will not diminish their threat. The plan does not end the use of these
chemicals in everyday products nor does it prevent them from being introduced
into the NJ drinking water.

The good news is that NJ set a standard for one particularly
dangerous type of PFAS chemical, perfluorononanoic acid. That was a step in the
right direction but thousands of other PFAS chemicals need to be addressed as

The problem is getting worse. The more water systems that
are tested for PFAS, the more contamination is discovered that protect
corporate profits.

To get rid of that crappola out of the water is relatively
simple: boil the water until it steams; put it on a counter until it stops
steaming; then put it in containers and put them in the refrigerator. The
steaming gets rid of the chemicals.

If Hawaii can do it, why can’t other states do it?



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