winged humanoids

3 separate accounts of strange humanoid encounters, possibly Mothman or other winged cryptid related. These incidents take place in West Virginia, New Mexico and Ontario, Canada. The following accounts were recently forwarded to me: “I live in Charleston, West Virginia and back in the 70s, my mother, uncles and a few of their friends were […]

3 brief winged humanoid accounts from Chicago, northern Illinois and Michigan. These reports were received by an associate and forwarded to me The following accounts were retrieved by an associate: Northeast side of Chicago, Illinois – “I saw it in, I think, 2016 maybe 2017 it was spring. It was a very sunny morning and […]

The following account was posted by Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research investigator Manuel Navarette on UFO Clearinghouse. A cargo company employee at O’Hare International Airport reports various unexplained sightings and encounters experienced by himself and others on the job. This is a follow-up after a phone conversation with the witness: The following was originally posted at ‘O’Hare […]

The following recent comments were posted in reference to the sightings of the winged humanoids in Chicago:  “I had my own sighting with a similar winged creature in 1994 in downtown Chicago. I was fascinated with the architecture of the city. A friend and I were staying on the 11th floor of a hotel. I […]

2 separate witnesses describe their sightings in south New Jersey. The description is compared to the winged being in the ‘Jeepers Creepers’ film. The following account, and then a subsequent sighting, were forwarded to me in 2014: I came across your site looking for answers of what my daughter and I seen in the sky […]

A Native American couple are viciously attacked by an unknown winged humanoid while driving in Chicago in 2005. Because of their culture, they believed that this may have been a Skinwalker. The following account was originally reported as a comment to a YouTube video that described the early Chicago winged humanoid sightings. The text was […]

A youth and their friend came across a massive wolf-like creature in the woods that adjoined a southern English village. The following account popped up on my feed this morning: “I’m from the UK and I was wondering if you had any idea what this might have been. I was young at the time, about […]

A teen encounters a 9 foot tall Bigfoot while sleeping under the stars in the deep woods of western Montana during the summer of 1988. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “In the summer of 1988, I was 14 years old visiting my dad. After my parents had separated, my dad decided to […]

A Delaware restaurant worker encounters an odd-looking black-eyed woman who literally and instantly shapeshifts into an bizarre humanoid. I was recently referred to the following account: “About a year ago I was living on the east coast, Delaware to be more specific. Having grown up in rural Indiana, I was a bit out of my […]

A young boy in rural Michigan is shocked by a possible Bigfoot that was watching him through an open window. I recently came across the following account from an open source: “In 1974 my parents moved my little brother and I from greater Detroit all the way up north to the rural town of Elk […]

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