A woman and her brother where out driving late at night in Virginia Beach, VA when a extremely tall upright canine in a hood and cape bounded across the road in font of them. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “10 or so years ago I was driving with my brother in Virginia […]

A man from Scott County, Virginia describes a cryptid creature that seemed to stalk the area around his Appalachian home. The beast later killed and mutilated his dog. The following account was recently found on social media: “We lived in a house that had an outhouse in Scott County, Virginia about 20 years ago. No […]

A group of friends drive and hike to the top of a mountain in the Clinch ridge in southwest Virginia. They hear strange ‘drumming’ sound and encounter a dog with a human female face. The following account was found on social media: “Back in 1998 or 1999, a few friends and I went out on […]

This is a recent event (November 2020) that occurred in a wooded area in Rosslyn, Virginia across from Theodore Roosevelt Island (DC) which is a National Park located on the Potomac River: “What did I see? It’s taken me a while to even decide to figure out what I saw. I’ve been denying it for […]

  A deer hunter, sitting in a tree stand near Dublin, Virginia, is startled by scratching sounds directly below him. For hours he attempts to catch a glimpse of this unknown being. I recently received the following account: “This story was told to me by my wife and it actually happened to one of her […]

A Shenandoah Valley, Virginia woman has been hearing strange ‘talking’ coming from outside her home. Her friend believes that it may be either a Dogman or Bigfoot. Any thoughts? The following account was recently referred to me: “My co-worker told me about this. She and her boyfriend have recently moved to the country, about an […]

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